Ishq Brandy

Ishq Brandy

Three friends comedically compete for the same woman.

Ishq Brandy is a masala potboiler which narrates a story of three friends who have a tag line "if you are my friend, I don't need an enemy"... Teji, Gura and Pritam from three different ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jayden C (nl) wrote: really goodmust see

Russell D (ca) wrote: It's nice to have a documentary out there about TMBG. The shame of it is, there's nt much story to tell.

Ulla D (ru) wrote: Great movie and wonderfully acted but a little too gut wrenching for me.

Emily T (ag) wrote: i kept thinking something way more epic was going to happen, but i guess i'm glad nothing did. aw ben foster aw.

Billy A (ag) wrote: A great Philly movie

Jonathan H (ag) wrote: Tonally sophisticated, and well crafted cult staple from Noel Black. It's a shame that films like Pretty Poison have faded into obscurity, but really, it is apropos that a film this misunderstood stars two leads that Hollywood never knew what to do with, the fabulous Anthony Perkins and Tuesday Weld. Mixing a bit of Lolita, with a dash of NIght of the Hunter and a TON of Gun Crazy, Black and company seamlessly shift between neo-noir, black comedy and straight forward surrealism. Perhaps what I like most about this film is that nothing is what it seems. One could be forgiven for believing the opening act was part of a badly-written comedy, probably because that is exactly what the writer wants you to think. Lorenzo Semple's tight script is slyly subversive both in its deceptively light treatment and in the manner in which it portrays small-town Americana (in much the same way that David Lynch would two decades later in Blue Velvet). He tells us that the white picket fences and pretty cheerleaders should never be taken at face value, because there is something rotten lurking beneath that all-American veneer -- but in true cult fashion, it has fun with that message, instead of taking itself too seriously.I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the performances. Perkins (as usual) is terrific. You can see the layers of confidence slowly peeling away as his and Sue-Ann's roles become inexplicably reversed and he finds himself sinking deeper and deeper out of his depth until he is a mass of sweaty, twitching nerves, blindly following orders, all pretence of control abandoned. Weld is also first class. She plays her character the same throughout, even when her true colors are revealed to us, and resists the temptation to display the usual tics and grimaces of movie-land's bunny-boilers. And lest I forget, Beverly Garland, the quintessential B-movie actress of her day, who also turns in the best performance of her career as the mother everyone can hate.All in all, it's a crime that Pretty Poison is so unknown. Now that it FINALLY got released on DVD, let's hope more people discover it.

Henrik S (de) wrote: A colourpuking and bizarre mash up of Vernesian ideas and Hollywood mainstream, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea never really takes of as a movie and introduces many ideas while not developing the old ones. The character's motivations are utterly one-dimensional and taken out of the help-yourself stereotype box (foreign villain or German scientist anyone ?). The cast is made up of B-movie stars and type casts such as grumpy woodman Walter Pidgeon, whose performance is so stiff, I almost ripped my silverscreen apart. I did not enjyo the movie, as much as the technicolour fest and fight with the Kraken (Camp !) made me cbuckle. To ambitious and bloated for a b-movie, and far from being an A-movie. H.

John B (au) wrote: Good movie and nice story overall and it was great to see some veteran actors in action

Dennis S (mx) wrote: Acting was great... But the build up was all for not! What a waste of concentration.

Phil T (nl) wrote: Standard straight-to-DVD fodder