A tale that narrates the healthy relationship between a father and his son.

A tale that narrates the healthy relationship between a father and his son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jaime R (jp) wrote: Through its rather earnest charm, "Junebug" becomes one of the most wonderful comedy-dramas of the 2000's.

movie fan a (fr) wrote: quite boring but i somehow was drawn into watching the entire movie!!

Timm S (gb) wrote: Some Cliche, Some Surprise & Twist..It's Not Bad, But Not Fantastic Either.. The Book Is Probably Better..

Atul R (kr) wrote: New born Actor Hrithik proved his acting in this drama thriller where brother goes missing. Karishma was the perfect to enact as FIZA. Jaya B. looks and enacted her role the at her best. Must watch movie. Really interesting. Sushmita is treat in her special item number Mehboob mere...

Jed D (ca) wrote: Absolutely, terrible. Robert Deniro's performance, was dreadful. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, just creeped me out.

Donovan Zohan D (us) wrote: The favored Comedy gem that I always will cherish.

Charles P (ca) wrote: A pretty frantic, riotous mess, sporadically diverting when it's not eye-rollingly bad.

John C (us) wrote: Very well told. A good story, some good plot twists and two wonderful performances from Denzel Washington and Don Cheadle as Mouse

Yudi J (es) wrote: just watch this on tv without subtitle (i'm not good at listening English language), don't know what they are talking but it kept me watching for about 1 hour O_o

Muffin M (ru) wrote: A Chicago cop is caught in a middle of a gang war while his own comrades shun him because he wants to take an irresponsible cop down. stars Chuck Norris, Henry Silva, Molly Hagan, Joe Guzaldo, Bert Remsen, Mike Genovese, Dennis Farina, Nathan Davis and Ralph Foody. directed by Andrew Davis.

Eliabeth S (es) wrote: Definitely not a fan of Charles Denner, but the story and characters are interesting. I'm not sure I'd like it as much if I weren't studying Truffaut (and if I didn't like to psychoanalyze him :-P).

HungYa L (us) wrote: Marlon Brando did not show up until the last 40 minutes of the movie or so and he appeared to be a terrifying soul thanks to the excellent cinematography. I love how hilarious Robert Duvall was in it and the very young Martin Sheen had a resemblance to David Tennant! Martin Sheen was convincing when doing narratives. It is one of a cluster of late 1970s movies on the Vietnam War and Apocalypse Now is goooood!

Mike C (br) wrote: A classic shoot 'em up western. Definitely a Lee Van Cleef classic.