Isi & Disi, alto voltaje

Isi & Disi, alto voltaje


Isi and Disi, the more thugs Leganés heavys return. This time Disi falls in love for the sexy Angie, former rock singer and girlfriend of a big shot record, Berdún. After being recognized as the most brutal band in the equally brutal contest presented by Angie, Disi not only have to save his group Ratamuerta, his friendship with Isi, and the temple of rock "The Kampana of Hell", but also rescue Angie from the clutches of machiavellian Berdún. Once again, rock triumph over evil ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike M (nl) wrote: Is it really necessary to rip off an already abysmal film like "Battleship?" Why does this film have to invoke the fear that foreign countries are out to get the United States at the point of outright propaganda? And why are Mario Van Peebles and Carl Weathers doing in this garbage? Zero and a half out of five stars; this is B-A-D bad.

Jason S (mx) wrote: As I walk out of the theatre. I begin to shake my head and wonder what happened here. Yes this is a fun popcorn action flix and sometimes you need a movie like this to just get rid of the stress by watching stuff blow up. But then you start to think about it. This is Die Hard this is John McClane a Character that is well loved and supposed to be respected and cheered for. But then we get this. The Video Game Die Hard. Now again I know Die Hard Movies are not Oscar worthy movies (well Maybe the first one had a chance) But this one with all the action seemed to pushed and forced. I never really connected with John and John Jr. They tried at the end right before the big battle them trying to connect but there was really no feeling, no chemistry, No ok lets go kick some ass Dad!!! Nothing to make you feel excited. So far I'm only talking about Father & Son. not even how bad the plot is! They forced it down your throat! No development, No explanation why they are really doing this (over then a couple of cheap lines that really don't explain why the CIA would truly care)! I liked this movie because I was happy to see John McClane. But I'm unhappy seeing where this franchise is going. We need one more movie with John McTiernan the Original Director and Roderick Thorp the Original Author of the book to write an inspired screenplay and give us one last real story and hurrah!!! Then end it for good!!!

Davis B (us) wrote: the worst movie i've ever seen. period.

John R (br) wrote: 170205: Thought provoking. A look into the uniquely difficult life of Jolene (Jessica Chastain) as she bounces from man to man in pursuit of happiness. This film had me thinking. Is there fault to be found in Jolene's behaviour, decision making or is she a victim to her own spirited nature? Jolene's seemingly mess of a life had me examining my own and the world around me. This is an often uncomfortable film that provokes introspection. Enjoyed it.

Carroll H (br) wrote: Unfortunately, really dumb story, with a few modifications it could have been interesting, otherwise a waste of time.

Amanda L (es) wrote: much better than i had expected!

Rodney E (kr) wrote: Like so many movies of the 90's, I thought that this would have some spirit of the 80's. I went nuts over Dana Delaney in her get up in this but oh my god does this movie suck.

Todd A (mx) wrote: An upbeat, charming dramady that brings forward the early effects of americanization in Japan.

Craig L (jp) wrote: Not horrible, but predictable. Okay for a Sunday afternoon.

Bailey C (nl) wrote: I will not defend that this is a perfect movie, few have that title, but what Hardcore Henry brings to the table is more than FPS the movie or nausea. The story is engaging and does what stories should do, reveal things to you as the character discovers them. That second part is especially important as the entire movie is shot through Henry's perspective. The main criticisms I hear are about the camera positioning and the story and all I can say is that it's all a mater of opinion.