A doctor is pulled into Stockholm's underbelly after his brother gets caught up in a botched drug deal.

A doctor is pulled into Stockholm's underbelly after his brother gets caught up in a botched drug deal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patty B (es) wrote: Gritty, gripping, twists and turns, terrific performances. This is an action movie with a brain. Forget Die Hard, go for this film. Ha Jung Woo, who was so good in The Yellow Sea is once again quite wonderful as is Ryoo Seung-bum also gives a bravura performance. The script is smart, direction tight. Berlin hasn't looked so dirty, dangerous and fraught with spies in quite some time.

Brandon W (it) wrote: Grown Ups is directed by Dennis Dugan, and it stars Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, Kevin Spade, and Rob Schneider in a comedy film about a group of basketball players at their young age got back together at a much older age after their coach passed away, and go to a cottage to reconnect each other. I wasn't really much looking forward to it, it might've been cool at the time to see a lot of comedians be here at one movie, but this is Happy Madison Productions, so I wouldn't be expecting much out of it even if I watch it in theaters, and after watching it, the movie didn't disappoint me of being a really bad film. I've seen most of the comedians in funnier films, so I know they can be funny, but in this, they were seriously lacking in good jokes. The movie didn't had much of a plot nor an arc going on, and the summary that I've made at the beginning, was barely a plot also, but it was the best that I can think of in terms of this barely having a plot as this felt like a bunch of failed attempts of a skit. I didn't care about the characters that much as they were a bunch of dirtbags, and they're like that almost the entire film. Are there any good stuff in there? Actually I can think of some stuff in my mind, although not much. When it gets to the end, there were some jokes that I actually laughed at, and the shots of the pool slide scene looks really good as it shows the happiness that the actors are having fun in, even if it lasted for probably 40 seconds or less. In terms of the sequel, it's marginally better than that, but that's a low bar to go through, and it's really not saying much for it.

Patrick H (mx) wrote: A very provocative, if uneven documentary about military private contractors profiteering from the Iraq War. Director Robert Greenwald shows us the lives of people who used to work for these profiteering companies, specifically Halliburton, KBR, and TITAN. One particular disturbing scene shows a former water specialist for Halliburton being interviewed. He said that a certain base had some sort of water problem. Aside from the fact that there was something broken, he confessed that most of the water being released to soldiers was not clean. Sometimes it's so obvious that Greenwald is a liberal, that some of his facts seem exaggerated. On the whole, though, this is a fascinating portrait of how private contractors are literally getting away with murder.

Arnold John G (nl) wrote: (France) a Robert Salis film

James H (ag) wrote: Guest House Paradiso is a comedy from Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson. If you've seen The Young Ones or Bottom then you'll know what style of comedy to expect. It is set in the cheapest and, consequently, the worst hotel in the UK. Which although boasting a dramatic costal location and sea views is next door to a nuclear power station. Rik, Richard Thwaite (well it's not spelt that way), is the Hotel Manager who takes himself and job a little too seriously. Ade, Eddie Ndingombaba, is the General Porter who spends most of his time intoxicated. The other staff, the Chef quits and the Head Waiter goes AWOL leaving Eddie to take over. When Richard insults and drives away most of the clientel they are suprised when the Nice Family, with Simon Pegg as the father, turn up for their annual holiday. Another surprise guest is the glamourous Italian actress Gina Carbonara, H (C)lne Mahieu. After standing up her fiance at the alter, the racing driver, Gino Bolognese, Vincent Cassel, she seeks refuge in the hotel as surely no-one will find her there? An accident at the plant next door leads to an outbreak of illness in the Hotel and Gino tracks down his bride-to-be. Somehow Richard and Eddie must survive this turn of events and the chaos and mayhem that it brings.

Paul D (es) wrote: Ordinary story of teenage angst, although this one is not as over-the-top as some other family oriented movies.

Pavan R (de) wrote: Nice romantic movie....quite liked it...great songs...still ring in my ears

Megs M (au) wrote: This is a brilliant aussie movie.... comical in parts, signifcant when called for.... one of the best movies i have seen!!!!!! for all those who want to learn about aussie aborginal cultural before the 1920's, what this movie!!!! It will open your eyes!!!

Emile H (br) wrote: A reason this original horror comedy is often imitated, but never duplicated is the balance between the amount of both wack-o and realism. Sure, Bill Murray is sarcastic, Aykroyd is peppy, Harold Ramis is nerdy and unwavering, and Ernie Hudson is sensible. But it's the fact that they all seem to work well off each other that works. With these fantastical special effects, you need that chemistry of characters to prevent spectral domination. And not to mention the main villains, who are the real deal, and I mean it. The minor apparitions take a back seat with its subtle mayhem while the big buildup is worth the strange premise and the resulting destruction. No other date with a ghost is worth this satire of spooks!

Sergio O (de) wrote: The flying scenes are incredible. The bromance between the pilots is delightfuly uncomfortable. And Gary Cooper's in this!

Jason Z (gb) wrote: Still fantastic all these years later. It shows that a movie can be scary as hell without having to go overboard on all the gore.