Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs

When London gangland boss Darius Deel discovers his new trophy-wife Nadia is having an affair, he hunts down her lover Riley and a deadly game begins.

Darius Deel is a ruthless crime lord. One day, He uncovers his beloved wife having an affair with a younger handsome man Riley. He determines to kill brutally Riley and a deadly battle begins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Art S (au) wrote: That wasn't exactly my 1980s (Poison, Motley Crue) but there is enough cheesy stuff from the decade on display here (when John Cusack et al. accidentally travel back in time in their hot tub) to make me wonder how we lived through it. Naturally, Cusack and his friends aren't allowed to change anything in the past to avoid affecting the future but they want to and this is basically the engine that drives the plot. I think that would be enough to create a funny movie but, no, the creative powers behind this one had to layer on the usual unfunny crassness to try to create laughs where laughs aren't. Rob Coddry is particularly grating. (There may also be an odd conservative political undertone). But some of this still works, even if there are tiresome bits to sit through. I'll admit that I'm rarely on the same wavelength with Hollywood comedies, but hey there's Crispin Glover and Chevy Chase and that funny feeling of weird nostalgia now that we're old(er).

Harold C (it) wrote: One of the most underrated films I've ever known, Web of Shadows is definitely more than any inflated lego commercial. Whilst non-bionicle fans might struggle to follow all the plot details, and there are some suspicious similarities to revenge of the sith, there are far more good points than there are bad.The plot is more compact than either of this film's predecessors, the animation is unique and superior to most children's movies, the climax is truly epic, the score is once again brilliant, and the film also has a very strong moral core in it, and teaches lessons about comradeship and our inner demons.A caution to sensitive viewers is that this film is unexpectedly dark for a movie aimed at children, with an example being a hero killing one of the villains off on screen. (And pretty brutally, might I add.) I personally enjoy this fact about it, but I highly doubt it suit's everyone's tastes.

Mark C (gb) wrote: The animation is fantastic, but none of the foundation was laid to justify the action of the owners at the end. It was not earned, it was a given.

Ryan D (ca) wrote: If you read the title to this movie, watched it, and didn't find some amusement out of it you have no one to blame besides yourself.

Humberto F (nl) wrote: A perfect match with Michael Collins for an Irish troubles double feature with some impressive directorial flourish from Anderson and another captivating Cagney showcase. There is some beautiful sights in the film, especially around the lighthouse where much of the later action takes place. Anderson adds plenty of excitement to his shots, such as the POV interrogation scene where all we see is a hand slapping away at the camera. The script offers a pretty evenhanded examination of the Irish strife, establishing a tense police-state atmosphere courtesy of the Black & Tans but not forgetting to show the harsh code of silence on the rebel side. The scene where Kerry O'Shea watches an IRA man break down after shooting an informer prostitute is still quite wrenching to watch. Cagney always keeps you off balance with his performance, a master at the anti-hero especially with this part. You always get a sense of a zealous determination to his fight for the cause, but the film last half hour shows him going over the line when he is unaccepting of the Anglo-Irish treaty, as in fact many were at the time. The final tragic showdown atop the windswept hilly coast is a nail biter and Anderson delivers right to the final frame with a beautiful shot of Lenihan's pistol falling to the beach sands below. Keep an eagle-eye out for a very young Richard Harris and Doctor Who's original Time-Lord, William Hartnell.

bonk c (au) wrote: in terms of quality this is the best of the 3 austin powers with good acting funny jokes this is a great movie but is not throwing jokes at you as much as the other 2 austin powers movie but it is done very well here

Eileen S (it) wrote: This is one of the stupidest movie I have ever seen but......... I absolutely loved it. Very funny. Alot like dead alive. worth the watch

Knox M (gb) wrote: Grown-Ups is an atrocity, a movie that makes you want to sterilize Adam Sandler and all of Hollywood. 0/4

Tami S (es) wrote: Quirky, yet entertaining. Stanley Tucci and Ben Kingsley are genius in their roles.

Thomas B (gb) wrote: ****'The World's End' may be the weakest of the Cornetto trilogy, but it had rather stiff competition. That being said, it is easily the best looking of the 3, and in some ways has the most interesting story and character dynamics.

Fernando A (es) wrote: Going into Ashby, I was hoping for a well directed,smaller, coming-of-age film. What I got was more like a bowl of trail mix. This film contains a hand full of positives; decent performances, heartfelt moments, and what I enjoyed most of all was the humor. It was really light hearted and I really connected with Nat Wolff's character Ed. However, he is the only one I really connected with. Ashby (Mickey Rourke) was a fun character, that was not fully developed, and had more to offer. Then we had Eloise (Emma Roberts) the love interest and June Wallis (Sarah Silverman), Ed's mom. These two characters for me felt bland and except for a couple of funny moments with Sarah Silverman, didn't do much for me. Then we get into the main plot of the story, and although I was never lost, there was way too many sub plots and holes that were never really addressed. The pace of the film also felt stop and go, where in some instances it flowed well, then all of a sudden it braked to a stop and slowed down, then sped back up. The tone also changed from scene to scene and I couldn't figure out what the director was going for. Although I did not love this film, I didn't hate it either. I especially loved Nat Wolff's performance toward the first and second acts, but then he lost me towards the end, when the movie shifted completely. Overall, I look at this film as a light-hearted, comedy, coming-of-age movie, that tries to be a lot of other things as well. I would recommend checking it out if you have spare time or if you want to hear Mickey Rourke's amazing voice.