Isn't Life Wonderful

Isn't Life Wonderful

A family from Poland has been left homeless in the wake of World War I. They move to Germany and struggle to survive the conditions there, during the Great Inflation. Inga (Carol Dempster) is a Polish war orphan who has only accumulated a small amount of money from the rubble and hopes to marry Paul (Neil Hamilton). Weakened by poison gas, Paul begins to invest in Inga's future and he serves as their symbol of optimism.

A family of Polish refugees tries to survive in post-World War I Germany. For a while it seems that they are making it, but soon the economic and political deterioration in the country begins to take their toll. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Valerie O (jp) wrote: confusing and not scary

James H (kr) wrote: It didn't take long for me to lose interest in this mundane action thriller. It is just another rehash of an often told story. The cast is bland. Predictable. Decent cinematography though.

Marc L (it) wrote: Ds le dpart, le ton est donn : une crmation surraliste (rien voir avec ce qui suit) et une usine sauvagement dlocalise ; les travailleuses vont mettre leurs indemnits en commun pour faire buter le patron indlicat. Pas de doute, on est bien chez Delpine et Kervern, dans un monde o toute ide potentielle mrite de se retrouver l'cran. C'est ce qui fait le charme du duo mais galement, du moins dans ce film, leur faiblesse. Moins jusqu'au-boutiste qu'un "Aaltra", moins dtraqu qu'un "Avida", "Louise-Michel" fait figure de sas d'accs l'univers anar et militant des deux compres. Ici, on dispose d'une vritable structure, plus carre, plus rationnelle que dans leurs autres ralisations. Mais leur tendance foutraque passer sans transitions du coq l'ne et accumuler les sketchs juste parce que c'est marrant, rencontre ici ses limites, et finit par faire passer la trame narrative principale au second plan. Louise-Michel en devient assez ingal suivre quand bien mme les trouvailles dont il est parsem s'avrent aussi dlirantes qu'on l'esprait.

Christopher H (de) wrote: One can appreciate the effort, but the film simply lacks the charm and originality of its animated counterpart.

Krista B (nl) wrote: Standard straight-to-DVD crap. The characters are unlikable, the scares are by-the-book, and the plot makes no sense (if I had a teeny-tiny cult, I'd want to NOT kill all my members. Just saying.) Not exactly what a Bloody Mary movie should be, but not the worst out there.

Emelie B (br) wrote: A funny movie that was pretty good.Amanda Bynes always plays great and really are funny. a crazy funny story and when you seen half the movie you know it's ends.But still like it, but it's not Amanda's best movie.Like Jonathan Bennett great to see him again he is so cute and cute with Amanda.

Dimitris L (ru) wrote: Just as Gad Elmaleh's sense of humor, this comedy is light and poetic. Dealing with serious subjects such as homo and transsexuality, immigration, integration, without ever falling into the usual clich (C)s, always thinking positive.This is not the best comedy ever, but I really liked the light tone and originality. Cute.

Steven C (de) wrote: jane alexander's performance cannot save this film from pure blandness. its funny cause people applaud this for being restrained but i think thats its ultimate weakness. i feel like there is this wall we cannot cross because we never really see what these characters are actually dealing with. its got good intentions but in the end i was just wishing for a bit more.

Grant S (jp) wrote: Powerful story of envy, bitterness, malice and torment.Two aging sisters, Blanche and Jane, share a large house. Jane was once a child star and Blanche was, in adult life, a star of the silver screen. Blanche's career ended when she was left paralysed from the waist down in an accident involving Jane. Now Jane looks after Blanche in the house, though not very well. Filled with bitterness at her own cinematic career never taking off, envious of Blanche's career and money, an alcoholic and a touch deranged, Jane goes out of her way to torment her sister...A very well made thriller. Starts off slowly and is more a relationship drama for a while. Over time, however, director Robert Aldrich ramps up the intrigue, tension and malice. It is soon apparent that this isn't going to be resolved simply by dialogue...Quite Hitchcockian at times in the tension and intrigue...and menacing undercurrent.Great twist towards the end and a powerful conclusion.Bette Davis is superb as Jane, providing just the right level of menace and insanity. The result is one of the scarier characters in cinematic history. Davis got her 11th, and last, Oscar nomination for her performance. Quite astounding that she didn't win.Joan Crawford is solid as Blanche, and is the perfect foil for Davis/Jane. Victor Buono puts in a good performance as Edwin and provides the movie's best comedic moments. He got a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his efforts.

Steve G (es) wrote: At first, it seems exploitative and crass. Probably the last place on earth I want to be. As the film went on, the story ended up drawing me in, & I felt sympathy for the characters. It begins slowly, but eventually tells a fairly relevant moral parable, & tells it well. One can't deny the sense of exploitation; but the story is so good, it becomes a bit of an afterthought. The duck thing is too much. They could have made Cleo grotesque without straining credulity. Yet she is pure evil. One of the worst villains of all time. This film will not be quickly forgotten.

Pablo L (ru) wrote: The chemistry between RDJ and Jude Law is still better than the other Sherlock-Watson pairings on TV, and it helps the movie becasuse this isn't an origin story, but an arc that is one of the most interesting from the books. I'm glad I watched it.

Matt B (fr) wrote: Sorority Row is actually a lot better than I expected it to be. It's stylish, has some cool death scenes, and has a lighter, funnier sense of humor than most slasher pics. Yet again, it is just your typical slasher pic filled with the usual horror cliches. Not terrible, but not quite recommendable.

Josiah C (mx) wrote: Evolution adds more action and more storyline to the Underworld series.

Greg W (es) wrote: gr8 job by director Frears for presenting this without taking sides

Adam R (ca) wrote: Good movie to watch at home in the dark!