Shortly after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, the Republic sent 3,000 children to Russia to protect domestic bombings...

Shortly after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, the Republic sent 3,000 children to Russia to protect domestic bombings... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harry W (de) wrote: Ricky Gervais strikes again and does it in top form with David Brent: Life On The Road and serves it with his absolutely deadpan and cringe-worthy comedy style, framing the beloved and iconic David Brent character as he seems to have a mid-life crisis and tries to relive his glory days, back when they were "supported by a little known Scottish outfit called Texas". The dreary Slough backdrop is replaced with a more polished setting, however the grittiness is still there as Brent sails through Travel lodges and Premier Inns. A cacophony of Gervais favourites are present such as Ben Bailey Smith (Doc Brown) and Ashley McGuire and all give fantastic performances. The film is one of the best examples of tragicomedy I've ever seen and the soundtrack is so great. Ricky Gervais' song writing is really good, this is the funniest film of 2016.

Wahida K (es) wrote: The pen-pal friendship between a young boy and a homesick soldier sounds great. Excited to see Loughlin back on Screen soon.

Giuseppe P (de) wrote: Un'opera stramba e pasticciata piena di contraddizioni ma non per questo inguardabile. Bella l'idea di ispirarsi al personaggio di Iago dell'Otello di Shakespeare, costumi molto interessanti che ricreano un mondo senza tempo magari in un futuro immediato. La direzione degli attori per banale. Gaya goffo nel ruolo di Otello, Vaporidis Steigerwalt stereotipati, soprendente e diabolico Gleijeses, bravi Ghidoni e Lavia.

Matt T (mx) wrote: True story about sex-trafficking by UN sanctioned contractors in Bosnia observed by Kathryn Bolkovac who subsequently went into exile in Holland.

Roxanne R (ru) wrote: Not bad at all considering I had not heard of it before and most of the cast was unknown. Largo Winch (Tomer Sisley) is the secret, adopted son of business mogul Nerio Winch (Miki Manojlovic), who heads his empire out of the impressive W Group tower in Hong Kong. When Nerio is murdered, Largo's appearance is discovered but doubts remain as to its veracity. It appears that Largo is sole heir to his father's 65% share of the conglomerate and has been groomed his whole life as an insurance policy for exactly this eventuality. So Largo is brought into the picture and he decides to find out who murdered his father and why. Good film with many action sequences to keep you entertained and engaged until its surprising conclusion. Available on Netflix instant streaming.

Andrew K (ru) wrote: A film about the MPAA was needed, and indeed this one does touch on the double standards and backroom corporate agendas but it comes at the price of a clearly partisan approach. Though it still merits it's existence, the film certainly could've been more.

Click S (gb) wrote: i love saif performance in this movie

Frances B (ca) wrote: no. just no. there was a point in making this movie: swanberg attempts to explore how communication technology affects (prevents) real-life communication. but the camera work was atrocious and it seems like he ignored so many aspects of film that could've helped him prove his point. ack! sucks though, because i wanted to like it. i enjoyed the bits of columbia culture presented in chris and greta's relationship (blue java, 1 train, citibank/columbia card...) but no amount of hand closeups can save this film

Riitta K (it) wrote: Weird. Really weird but it was good in a different way.

Charles P (jp) wrote: Bland and inept, Tarzan and the Lost City is a mindless adventure filled with poor acting and weak writing.

Joyl R (de) wrote: its SO!!!!!!!!!! funny (not)

John P (us) wrote: As a kid you probably watched Ureka's Castle or The Elephant Show... me, I was brushing up my Ninja Knowledge with an all time favorite Gymkata. As 80's go, we all know they tend to be on the cheesy side... and that?s why we dig em so, we are not expecting to much but laughs and some one liners that stick with us for years to come. Gymkata is about this Olympic hopeful gettin' into some espionage work for the US that trains with a mute princess in order to win this deadly race for the crown of a random shit bum country. Gymkata had some decent 80's Ninja fights, had a few dummies fall from high heights and land like a paraplegic trying to break dance. So if you into Ninja movies and Beer put this one on your list.

Mc C (gb) wrote: Hilarous action movie with action and laughter. Dirk Benedict and Linda Blair click.

Bob M (us) wrote: Pretty good movie and a reminder of how great Phillip Seymour Hoffman was as an actor.

Jesse D (ca) wrote: This is a film full of raw emotion that showcases the kind of feelings we all experience in a relationship at some point in our lives. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind shows us that through loss we discover the good in our relationships. "You can erase someone from your mind. Getting them out of your heart is another story."

Tim S (mx) wrote: This is a very small film which seeks to look deeper into what it is to be human. It didn't quite get there for me, but if you don't mind small, quiet films that require a bit of thought then this might be up your alley.