Shopgirl Betty Lou Spence is in love with her handsome employer, Cyrus Waltham, Jr. However, he is already romantically linked to socialite Adela Van Norman. Cyrus's friend Monty notices Betty and she uses him to get closer to Cyrus. She finally gets Cyrus's attention and convinces him to take her on a date at an amusement park. Later, Betty Lou proclaims herself as a mother to protect her roommate Molly from having her baby taken away. Cyrus hears of Betty Lou's supposed motherhood and offers to pay for her living expenses, but doesn't offer marriage. Betty Lou is insulted and refuses. When Cyrus hosts a yachting trip, Betty Lou makes Monty take her along. Cyrus gives in to her charms and proposes, only to be rejected. He then learns the truth about the baby and they reconcile at the end of the film.

A salesgirl with plenty of "it" (sex appeal) pursues a handsome playboy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ada C (nl) wrote: Watched in 32nd HKIFF. Actors and actresses are good. Just that I really can't get the message behind this movie.

Private U (es) wrote: Very amusing movie. Have to love a movie that uses the craziness of Little Havana as a backdrop.

Jos M (kr) wrote: Agridulce historia que sale de los clichs del gnero de chick flicks.

Russell G (it) wrote: Will Ferrell is always willing to make himself look ridiculous and become the butt of a joke to push it over the top. Where most comedians stop, Ferrell pushes beyond with his larger than life idiotic characters and physical humor. Will Ferrell goes big once again, but this movie is different from his others. It is not as raunchy or outwardly goofy and the dialogue is not brimming over with quotable character lines. This is more of a physical and situational comedy, where the imagery and actions become the comedy. Both John Header and Will Ferrell form wonderfully exaggerated characters that are likable underneath and carry the movie. The scenes where they train and skate together are hilariously awkward. Both remain within the bounds of their characters and play the skating scenes straight and let the physicality garner the laughs, and it works well. Spouses Will Arnett and Amy Poehler are one of the best parts of the movie. They play the jealous but meddlesome rival brother-sister couples skaters. Their real-life love helps fuel the awkward vague sibling relationship that humorously hints at an unspoken sibling romance. It is equally as off-putting and funny as couples skating with two men. The goofy costumes, exaggerated skating moves and announcer presentation are dripping with a comical satirical tone. It takes you out of your comfort zone in a friendly and funny way and roles in the satire to make a well-rounded comedy that even some Will Ferrell haters may like.

Randy P (ag) wrote: Appealing to little children and fans of the show and card game. Really nothing left for everyone else with a bland dialogue and uneven storyline.

Ricardo L (ca) wrote: An interesting university movie.

Sonja D (ru) wrote: Wonderful characters with real relationship development about faith, family, and how to be real neighbors.

Captain T (gb) wrote: "God is not here today priest."

Zach M (jp) wrote: No nearly as interesting as the first film but still decent. Good to see Christopher Walken staying with the role. Some good actors in Jennifer Beals and Brittany Murphy though Eric Roberts is in it.

Jason (br) wrote: "Albino Alligator" is a movie about three thieves that take a few people at a New Orleans bar hostage. The criminals don't really mean any of the hostages any harm, at least not until the police start to wait right outside the bar and the three criminals don't know what to do to get out with freedom still on their side. "Albino Alligator" is a pretty good movie, especially when you consider that it was the first movie that Kevin Spacey directed. It's not the best movie of its kind, but it's not bad either. It all happens inside a bar in the basement of a building and the plot doesn't change much the whole movie, but it does have a few interesting twists that keep the movie from being boring. All three of the criminals do a great job in the acting department, especially Matt Dillon. The hostages, led by Faye Dunaway, also do a good job of acting. This movie is both chilling and entertaining, and I recommend anybody who likes movies that center around criminals and hostages to check out some "AlbinoAlligator." Also, if you're like me and will try nearly any food once, try you some alligator, whether it's gator bites or gator tail, it's awesome - it's like a mix of chicken and shrimp.

Max M (jp) wrote: Dr. Giggles is scary that even though it's a b-movie I actually liked this horror film I wish there was a sequel to dr. giggles manny coto had made a great screenplay for this scary horror film and he had also made a good directory what I mean by that is he had directed this film perfectly dr. giggles is so scary but funny at times dr. giggles is the most creppiest boogeymen of the 90's next to freddy kruger, and michael myers.

Tim R (nl) wrote: Never cared for this one.

Max N (kr) wrote: Truffaut sabia hacer bien las cosas, de eso no hay duda, el tipo a esta altura de su carrera al menos entregaba cintas bien realizadas en lo tecnico. El problema lo trae como siempre la historia. Con la excusa de hablar sobre lo irracional que puede ser el amor, el guion se decanta por una trama iverosimil, poco creible, estupida. Esta vez en la forma de una intriga hitchcockiana a lo Vertigo, pero no resulta. Al menos no se hace larga y posee algunas escenas en plano-secuencia muy buenas. Jean-Paul Belmondo da lo maximo de si para su personaje, pero la Deneuve lo que aporta con su belleza se contrapone a su incompetencia como actriz, atrapada siempre en el mismo papel: fria, distante, ida. Un manjar para los entendidos, para mi no mas que una pelicula del monton. Se pasa rapido.

fabian d (it) wrote: ive seen ever single john wayne movie because my dad and uncle love wacthing them

Anthony M (gb) wrote: Bwof...J'ai arrt 25 min de la fin parce que je me foutais de comment a allait se finir bien.

Logan M (au) wrote: It's not the best Pixar film, but it sure isn't the worst. It's friendly, heartwarming, and all out fun, not to mention the actual races that come along with talking racecars. I always thought as a kid that cars made particular faces (the shape of the grill, the headlights, etc.) and I really have no doubt that this is what inspired the film, and it delivers a fun time.