It All Began When I Met You

It All Began When I Met You

Six love stories following the love lives of ten different people.

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It All Began When I Met You torrent reviews

Hannah R (es) wrote: This is a really fun movie, and the acting is better than a lot of lower-budget Mormon movies! The soundtrack is great. However, in the end it is a bit depressing because, well, they're Mormons, not Christians.

Tashia M (br) wrote: This was a great story. It was really impressive. Harry Eden did a great job on his first big movie.

Emily N (jp) wrote: This movie is a really cute romantic comedy that was uniquely filmed and written. I love the main actress and couldn't get over her hair. The guy is so hott and the accent makes it so much better. By far a favorite for me.

Grant H (gb) wrote: Great movie. Gritty, dark, disturbing, with an incredible performance from Keitel, one of his best. It's better than the similar 2009 film with Nicolas Cage in its dealings with mortality, religion, and spirituality, but it's not as good in plot structure or character development.

cli o (au) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Della E (nl) wrote: if there were more stars, I would give it ... more stars! Most original movie I've ever seen. So unique -it could not be a play, a remake, a novel - JC is obviously an incredible director to be able to get the entire cast and crew to 'get' this world and portray it for us - wow

Kevin R (jp) wrote: I have only seen Argento's Suspiria and wasn't to impressed, though upon seeing it's reviews again and after watching this I guess I will have to re-watch it.Even when this movie was a little too silly or out there I was still interested and entertained. At times it felt like an episode of X-Files minus our favourite FBI agents.

mandy m (ru) wrote: My favorite musical. They all did so well

Miguel R (fr) wrote: A spooky picture from the silent era, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari marks the beginning of the horror genre!