It All Starts Today

It All Starts Today

Set in a forlorn mining town near Valencienne in the north of France, the story is about one man's struggle to bring life to his once prosperous village and its inhabitants. Philippe Torreton, who won a César for Best Actor with his title role in Capitaine Conan, plays Daniel, the head teacher of a nursery school in a town demoralized by unemployment. Daniel is determined against all odds to bring life to the community. When a parent who has come to pick up her children collapses at the school grounds due to alcohol abuse, and social services turns a deaf ear to all pleas for help, Daniel decides to take the law into his own hands. Despite resistance from the townspeople, in the long run his efforts are not fruitless.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:117 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:artist,   suicide,   party,  

Daniel is schoolmaster of a kindergarten in a small French town. The local economy, which depended entirely on coal production, has been mired in a depression ever since the mines were ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marta R (fr) wrote: Whimsical...entertaining...

Francisco R (de) wrote: A well deserved film that show us how a 16-year pregnant woman who lives in a Ghetto, trying to push forward and reach up her dreams, despite her tough past that earned the hate of her mother and being abused mercilessly. I admit this was a little depressing, but this is what I like that kind of a movie. It's very well directed, well adapted by the novel, and with great performances from the actors, especially by Gabourey Sidibe.

Ori R (gb) wrote: wasn't bad at all for 'another gay movie'. was campy and fun.

Jessica M (ag) wrote: really liked Dougray Scott performance in it! loved his character xD it was very exciting ;) you could really say he was a creature.. the way he moved, the way he felt.. quite interesting.just didn't like the ending very much.. oww

Alexander B (de) wrote: main things in life expressed with the music of the world. wise and beautiful

Harry W (jp) wrote: Deconstructing Harry begins with a very repetitive intro sequence which delivers nothing of positive quality to the success of the film, and it suggests that maybe Deconstructing Harry may follow a similar nature.Overall, it's a substandard effort on behalf of Woody Allen.Deconstructing Harry is a scattered story which has a lot of potential but turns itself into a series of unsuccessful comedic sketches. While Deconstructing Harry could have been the complicated psychological exploration of its titular character like it wanted to be, instead it degrades itself to a cluster of barely jointed story dynamics which jump from one to the next without ever really settling or giving time for viewers to take in what is happening. It just rushes through everything at a very fast pace and attempts to cram so much in there, but there is little that actually has any effect or is worth remembering. The film isn't the deconstruction of the titular character Harry, it's a story if a stereotypical Woody Allen character put into the context of Charlie Sheen's life but played off like a light comedy. In actuality it's a pretty sadistic film, and not in a good way.The nature of the story is dark, but it's too scared to really understand that and do anything with it. It doesn't respect its viewers enough to be a meaningful deconstruction of a character with complicated psychology, instead spending time wasting its talented ensemble cast on a lot of meaningless and poorly conceived sketches which are full of pointless characters and lame gags.The script in Deconstructing Harry is memorable for nothing else if not for its excessive swearing. The script is packed with a lot of swearing which feels out of place and has an excessive nature to it. Any comedic success of the story isn't present in Deconstructing Harry. The only time I ever laughed the whole time was when I snickered at one Jewish joke towards the end. So the comedic efforts of Deconstructing Harry were unsuccessful with me. Deconstructing Harry has nothing to teach viewers when it could have been positive from a psychological standpoint, but riding the lesser qualities of Woody Allen's writing talents. It had its moments, but it is of a sub par quality in the end and doesn't come close to equating with his more intelligent works. The script is neither refreshing nor funny, and considering that Woody Allen holds the world record for most Academy Award nominations for writing original screenplays with 16 nominations, 3 of which were wins it is a serious disappointment. Frankly, Woody Allen makes a lot of films. Some of them are good, others not so much. Deconstructing Harry is an example of one of the others. His direction doesn't make it any better.Frankly, the only qualities that Deconstructing Harry can rest on which succeed is the cast, with the exception of Woody Allen whose lead performance is once again very routine and has gotten to the point where it's pretty self indulgent as well as Judy Davis and Kirstie Alley.Of all the actors, the standouts would be Julia-Louis Dreyfuss whose natural comedic timing makes her a great addition to the cast especially if the viewer is as much of a fan of Seinfeld as I am, Elizabeth Shue who has a natural charm about her which she proves once again, Tobey Maguire whose widely recognised social awkwardness makes him a prime example of an actor who can nail a role written to be like Woody Allen, Demi Moore's whose small role uses the better elements of her acting ability and Billy Crystal who is simply good to have on board.But aside from a fairly good cast, Deconstructing Harry is an unfunny and unoriginal film which is poorly directed and suffers from a misconceived script which was somehow nominated for an Academy Award, and it's simply one of Woody Allen's more self-indulgent projects.

Daniel G (gb) wrote: weird old movie, but still great.

Scott R (kr) wrote: Welles commands the movie that bridges world wars with separated love.

Calvin C (de) wrote: Early Hitchcock at his best with a lot of twist and turns and just enough of suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat.Grade: B+

EWC o (nl) wrote: Feels unorganized and disjointed, the characters aren't too memorable, and it "goes to far" in a few places, although it is an interesting Window into an unusual world.

clinton e (it) wrote: 1 word- boring. this time, no humor. no action. no fun. if a movie doesnt have those things, theres a problem

Jarrod M (it) wrote: This movie was a complete train wreck. I couldn't look away from the massive disaster of a film that was on screen at the time. The special effects, about on par for the late 70s, were layered, and heavy handed, so much so, it seemed like some one postulated "if there are too many things going on a once, then the audience will never be able to tell how horrible all of the things going on at once are at any one time" David Hasselhoff, and Christopher Plummer were in this, and they seemed to be along for the ride. Nearly every line delivered in old school Shatner fashion, but without any flair or style, just like it was being made up as they went along, or they were rehearsing and didn't have time to shoot the scenes again. If there were one flaw above any other, it is the pacing, the speed at which one or more characters comes to a conclusion, and then the whole party acts on that conclusion is nothing short of breakneck. This stands as a champion of nanar, as it is so bad, that it is good. More than deserving of the five star rating. This is aching to be rifftraxed, which is basically what I did while watching the entirety of said film. I HIGHLY recommend watching it. The full film is on youtube, if you get the chance.