It Always Rains on Sunday

It Always Rains on Sunday

Robert Hamer's bleak portrait of life in London's East End.

An escaped convict tries to hide out at his former lover's house but she has since married and is far from keen on the idea. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sudhakar S (de) wrote: First half was very good, Kamal steals the show. Second half is somewhat okay with the last 30 mins not so good..Overall it's a good movie ..

Raya P (nl) wrote: A great documentary. makes you want to pick up any instrument and start writing.

casie k (ru) wrote: excellent movie.....keeps you wanting to now what happens next

Alec B (ca) wrote: Despite my intense enjoyment of most of Linklater's filmography, I've never found this one all that appealing. I definitely respect it (the animation work is stunning) but the often half baked philosophizing doesn't really hold the movie together.

John S (mx) wrote: I think the target audience for this film is too small. Hardcore programmers will dislike this film because the code they used was pretty much bullc*** code and because the way this company doesn't really resemble the atmosphere in a real IT company (I know from experience). Also, the entire plot was way too far-fetched to really come off as realistic at any time.People not into IT are not likely to enjoy this film either, since there's too much techno-babble for anyone not familiar with IT to get some insight in what's going on half of the time. When they speak of an IP address, an interface, an OS or decompressing the audience is expected to understand all of these terms to have an idea of what's happening.So what's left as a possible target audience is a group of geeky kids and teenagers who're into computers enough to understand all the techno-babble but who are too naive and inexperienced to have any idea what working in an IT company feels like.... Not a good move, I'd say.Overall the movie does make a decent effort to keep some tension alive, but the far-fetched plot, the silly situation, the more than average amount of techno-babble and the bullc*** code seriously limit the possible target audience for this film.

Medina J (nl) wrote: Ok film, a bit too predictable though.

Grace E (mx) wrote: I remember I used to love these movies!

Andrew B (us) wrote: As eighties as hell, and all the fun that that entails.

Santiago C (nl) wrote: its a little bit cheesy but surprisingly accurated, really suspenseful and has a great cast and a great story executed really well. truly an underrated classic of the 80s

Shawn W (ca) wrote: The type of film you wish Burt didn't make. Here, two best friends and lovers tie the knot and then can't make it through visits to their respective parents' houses without the relationship falling apart. A couple scenes raised an eyebrow, the brushing off of Goldie's father's attempt to sexually assault the maid and Burt grabbing Goldie by the neck and forcing her head out a window in an argument.

Ryan S (gb) wrote: so much better than the first...