It Begins with the End

It Begins with the End

A woman, a man, a summer in Paris. Passion, break ups, reconciliations. A love story in disarray...

A woman, a man, a summer in Paris. Passion, break ups, reconciliations. A love story in disarray... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


It Begins with the End torrent reviews

Jacob D (kr) wrote: This movie was amazing but It was way to long.

Steven P (ru) wrote: This movie is brilliant for children and young girls to watch (TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)???????(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)

Alain G (nl) wrote: a tribute to an amazing band all the music geeks who love them!

Patrik E (jp) wrote: Dlig uppfljare, stundtals lite rolig.

Eric F (au) wrote: If you think you have it bad, try being blind in Tibet. Here in America, we help blind people across the street and praise them for their bravery and perseverance. In Tibet, blindness is considered to be a punishment for sins in a previous life, or even a curse. One mother explains matter-of-factly to the camera that her son was a bright boy, and now after going blind he's been worthless. He sits there stoically while she expresses her disappointment - this berating is clearly not uncommon."Blindsight" follows Erik Weihenmayer, the only blind man who has ever climbed Mount Everest, and Sabriye Tenberken, the founder of a school for the blind in Tibet. The two, along with several guides, will take six young Tibetan girls and boys on a hike to Lhakpa Ri, the 23,000-foot-high peak at Everest. Mountain climbing without sight certainly seems like a handicap enough, but consider the relentless spirit of nature's other obstacles - avalanches, altitude sickness, and the extreme cold.In the beginning moments of the film, this seems to be a feel-good picture about remarkable people doing incredible things. One of the first images in the film is Weihenmayer walking on a flimsy ladder placed over a deep chasm. I can see just fine, and I assure you I will have fallen twice upon my first step. But where "Blindsight" becomes truly engrossing in it's debates between the adults on the expedition. What should be considered victory? As the guides push relentlessly on, the children suffer and are unable to appreciate their surroundings. Suddenly, reaching the top loses it's luster.The film's favorite subject is Tashi. He was sold as a child to a family that made him beg. He would give up his earnings, and had they not been sufficient he was beaten. Tashi, in a constant nervous fidget, will go find his father in the middle of the film in a touching, albeit unneeded, distraction. His name, oddly enough, translates to "Lucky". All of the children here are lovable and inspirational, so much so that I wanted to spend another hour or two with the group when it was over."Blindsight" is refreshing in that it doesn't exploit it's subjects in any way, nor is it a shallow feel-good film about conquering the unconquerable. Instead, through the late-night discussions of the adult guides, this becomes a study of the morality of their situation and who the victory is really for. This is a wonderful movie with perhaps the most universally likable subjects i've seen in a documentary.

Anand K (jp) wrote: This is a joke, right?

Harvey D (fr) wrote: I'm not quite sure why critics are so hard on this movie. Probably because it's a "punk" movie and people still can't get behind that. I love this film, however, and I think the fact that it ends the way "punk rock" ends for most of us is great. It's a phase, we move on, but we never forget, for better or worse.

Jamey P (ru) wrote: Critics have their heads up their asses on this one which is nothing but golden thru and thru. The more time passes the fonder people remember this film and more people discover it. If that's not the definition of a classic regardless of technical flaws, I don't know what is.

Joel H (us) wrote: Murder by Death is a clever satire with a very impressive cast, but it's not laugh-out-loud funny. While I found myself smirking at the references and the wordplay, this movie feels like the rough draft of Clue. Plus, I'm disappointed that they sacrificed a satisfying ending for a comedic one. Nevertheless, I'm still glad I saw it.

Shane D (nl) wrote: I know I did it all backwards, but I watched HELL UP IN HARLEM before I watched this. Weirdly enough, it didn(TM)t really seem to matter. Whereas the sequel is a lot more like the Blaxploitation we all know and love, BLACK CAESAR seems to have more integrity. It seems like it has more to say. Fred Williamson is the ultimate of male Blaxploitation anti-heroes, beating out Roundtree and Brown in my books. Perhaps what sets this film apart from the others of its kind is that we get to see Williamson(TM)s Tommy? as a young man, getting a taste for how and why, and who influenced him, on his way to the top. Often Blaxploitation films revolve solely around revenge, this is just an all out story about one man(TM)s greed and struggle to keep all that he has made his own. Additionally, it has a surprisingly downbeat ending which I wasn(TM)t expecting. Well worth visiting.

Wes S (it) wrote: Edgy and entertaining. The story is pretty thrilling but the ending ruins it and could of been a lot better. Good characters overall and some nice writing.