It Came from Kuchar

It Came from Kuchar

IT CAME FROM KUCHAR is the definitive, feature documentary about the legendary, underground filmmaking twins, the Kuchar brothers. George and Mike Kuchar have inspired two generations of filmmakers, actors, musicians, and artists with their zany, "no budget" films and with their uniquely enchanting spirits.

The definitive documentary about the zany, underground filmmaking twins, George and Mike Kuchar. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Murf (gb) wrote: I watched this movie on a recommendation from a friend and while the reality of the subject matter was very sad and disgusting I thought the documentary was very well directed and informative. Worth a watch.

Gilbert R (kr) wrote: The message that resonates here is that the power of love is much stronger than the power of hate.

Steve D (mx) wrote: Good acting but was too focused on the depressing aspects of his life.

Melborne Z (fr) wrote: i have this movie its a cute one love liv in this one;]

dsfsdfdsf s (mx) wrote: The motherfuckerest movie ever. Broken arms, broken legs, broken skulls, broken necks, bloody faceplants, gouged eyes, torn throats, castrations by hand--and would you believe me if I told you it's a fairly well made movie?

JeanPaul F (de) wrote: You can't beat a Sho Kosugi flick.

Caleb D (br) wrote: Uh, Elke Sommer is in this. 'Nuff said. Who does she look like, or who does she remind me of? Does anybody know? Especially when she looks to one side or the other... Oh yeah, and pretty typical Bava - which is not bad. Visually stunning. Kinda scary. Not as much gore as there should have been; then again, the iron maiden scene is all the more effective because of this. I mean, Joseph Cotten is the Superman of good looks. He actually looks like a human cartoon. And Elke Sommer is even prettier. And there's a TON of fog. Not even the movie "The Fog" had this much fog.

Brittany R (it) wrote: Although I have plenty of Dietrich to cover before I pass on, this was the best I've seen so far. What a heartbreaking yet tender tale! I'm glad I finally discovered where 'Falling in Love Again (Can't Help It) came from.

Spencer P (gb) wrote: Definitely a creepy and twisty story, though over-stylized and acted way sub-par.

Lee W (it) wrote: With its militant chickens, hamsters with the voice of Johnny Vegas, fox masters of disguise and shell people, the Harry Hill Movie aims for the madcap vibe of Hill's classic Channel 4 show. Which would be great apart from the main problem: too much of the time, it's just not funny. It does raise the odd titter though, with Harry's public service announcements, a 'Blackpole' B&B randomly ran by The Magic Numbers and a spoof of Jurassic Park's kitchen scene, where the 'raptors are replaced with giant, carnivorous brains on legs.

Jake Z (jp) wrote: It's the uncommonly powerful sense of realism which permeates the film that makes it so unforgettable. It's not a happy ride, it's uncompromising in its grim, grisly, nasty, wrenching subject matter. The technical aspects-- direction, cinematography, haunting score, editing, performances which don't seem like performances at all-- Snowtown is in a sense flawless. However, its telling of the true story is a bit murky and leaves a lot of questions, never once explaining much to the audience. Thus reading up on the true story before seeing the film may be crucial for some viewers. Otherwise, Snowtown is just about perfect, but you may need a few showers and happy songs to listen to after it ends, so prepare yourself before you press play.