It Had to Happen

It Had to Happen

A poor boy rises to power in politics.

A poor boy rises to power in politics. When the banker husband of his secret love takes money and flees the country, he replaces the lost amount and becomes implicated in the crime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim P (us) wrote: Pretty bad when you have to look up an explanation of the movie after you watch it.

Ashley T (au) wrote: Ridiculously pointless horror movie. Looks cheap in every scene. The only redeeming feature was Cory Monteith, currently on Glee and my latest obsession. Too bad they didn't let his character live more than two scenes.

Jerin E (au) wrote: NOT MY FAV. i dont even knowthis movie and now that its ramdomly put as my fav im so totally not ever interested, mother fuckers!

Marc G (fr) wrote: Even though this film is completely acted through marionettes it has a lot more in common with the work of Jim Henson than it does with Team America. The work that must have gone into this film is worth a rental alone. It's tragic that it isn't more popular than it is. This is the type of film that going into the plot would kinda take too long and I like my fingers the way they are; attached. The only problem I could see anyone having with this film is the marionettes are completely emotionless, leaving the acting to the voice actors.. and in a world where Team America can even simulate puppet sex, would it be too much to ask for a mouth? Recommended for fans of Jim Henson.

Akramul i (br) wrote: A romantic comedy with energy, pictures of high enjoyment and Italian culture: predating Goodfellas!

Alex R (au) wrote: I liked this movie Higgins from My Fair Lady is in this as Dr. Dolittle and this one is way better than the Eddie Murphy Dr. Dolittle. Also I've done some research on this film and can you explain this critics of this movie got bad reviews can you explain how it got nominated for an Oscar for best picture so it's either the academy that is dumb(probably because Audrey Hepburn had a way greater performance in Wait Until Dark than Katherine Hepburn's performance in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner but Katherine Hepburn one even though Audrey won the BAFTA and Golden Globe for best actress in 1968 for Wait Until Dark but somehow Katherine Hepburn won the Oscar) or the critics are dumb which they probably are because The Dark Knight Mother fricking Rises deserves 96% instead of 87% also Breakfast at Tiffany's deserves 100% instead of 88% so you decide academy or critics?

Eric L (de) wrote: Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Two great actors from the golden age of Hollywood. Definitely a movie not to be missed.

Blackity B (ag) wrote: Good-to-very good western. Some nice Indian shootout scenes for those interested, and some decent internal drama in the American fort. It doesn't really go as far as it should have maybe with some of the themes it explores, and focuses a bit too much on the not-so-exciting romance, but a decent watch for sure.

Bruce B (us) wrote: Gonzo. Bitchin print from LOC, too.

Janice (nl) wrote: Romain Duris once again. What a great french actor!

Simon D (es) wrote: Is it me, have we turned a corner where people are making more effort when making horror films? This would suggest so. It's essentially a high-shcool werewolf movie, which, had I known beforehand, I probably wouldn't have watched it. It's done well, in a low-key indie sort of way. Like most high school films, it's full of stereotypes and the outcast younger sister is a bit dull to watch as I think the character is a bit overacted. This has a very interesting ending too, which I won't spoil.

Ethan P (gb) wrote: Really close to being good. But just isn't quite there. Sure there are some fine moments, but they aren't frequent or plentiful enough to save the film's pacing issues, or the weird self-fellatio attitude present in the protagonist.

Tasos L (br) wrote: Angela Baker or the...'angel of death' is back!!!