It Happened in Brooklyn

It Happened in Brooklyn

Danny has been in the army for 4 years, yet all he thinks about is Brooklyn and how great it is. When he returns after the war, he soon finds that Brooklyn is not so nice after all. He is able to share a place with Nick, the janitor of his old High School, and get a job as a singer in a music store. He also meets Leo, a talented pianist and his teacher Anne, whose dream is to singing Opera. When Jamie arrives from England, Danny tries to show him the Brooklyn experience and help him compose modern swing music. Together, these four also try to help Leo get the Brooklyn Music scholarship.

Danny has been in the army for 4 years, yet all he thinks about is Brooklyn and how great it is. When he returns after the war, he soon finds that Brooklyn is not so nice after all. He is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donald W (au) wrote: #WOODYALLENRETRO PODCAST PROJECT (available on iTunes)Admittedly clever ideas for segments but overall just not as funny as previous works and probably would have worked better if Allen took a more serious stab at the topics with added comedy instead of going full on spoof, has not aged well on rewatch and apart from sheep and ejaculation segments - leaves alot to be desired

Matthew A (de) wrote: One of my personal favorite animated films. It simply has it all.

Gayle M (jp) wrote: A sweet story but didn't do much for me.

Augustin C (kr) wrote: it begins more like a classical italian movie (intense visual scenes in powerful silence) and ends more like an american one (some suspense, emotional drama and a happy-end set on nice music) - although i'm not sure it was made like this on purpose...

Austin W (au) wrote: As a band member myself, I didn't like this movie at all. While it was entertaining and humorous at parts, it was SERIOUSLY unrealistic. When you're in band, you have to know how to read music. The main character didn't know how to read music. Another thing was that he wasn't disciplined. Those two things are key elements to being in a marching band. He wouldn't have survived band in general if the plot was realistic.

Alexander W (ru) wrote: I quite liked this film (as a teenager). It has a great soundtrack, and the ending is not dissatisfying at all. I wish it had taken a few more parts from the novel, like the giant squid and weird shrimps, but It complements the novel well.

Ernst M (ca) wrote: not exactly a classic but definitely some funny bits.

Read My Profile P (ag) wrote: Cute for a family film. Probably more older children.

Jessica S (de) wrote: Ok for a Sunday afternoon watch. Not worth paying for. Swayze's acting was questionable in this film, but good performances from the child characters. Halle Berry doesnt really feature in this till the end, which is slightly dissapointing. A bit like Road Trip but without the sex.

Stuart K (au) wrote: Directed by Graham Baker (Omen III: The Final Conflict (1981) and Impulse (1984)) and written by Rockne S. O'Bannon (creator of seaQuest DSV and Farscape) and produced by Gale Anne Hurd (The Terminator (1984) and Aliens (1986)), this sci-fi thriller had done the rounds of Hollywood since the early 1980's until Fox picked it up. It's central premise is a good idea, even if it has been done before. In 1991 (Razz), an alien race known as Newcomers came to earth, 300,000 of them in fact, and Earth became their new home, but most of the human population hate them, and a lot of them live in a slum called Slagtown. When Los Angeles Police Detective Matthew Sykes (James Caan) witnesses two Newcomers murdering another Newcomer, Sykes' partner Bill Tuggle (Roger Aaron Brown) is killed in the crossfire. Skyes is even less happy to learn that his new partner is a Newcomer Samuel Francisco (Mandy Patinkin), and they have to investigate a conspiracy involving Newcomer businessman William Harcourt (Terence Stamp) and his goal for power. It's a silly piece of sci-fi hokum, but it does have it's moments, even though it doesn't know whether it wants to be a police buddy film or a police revenge film. It might have spawned a TV series and a load of TV movies, the first film could have been better and it has nothing new to say.

Cheri (ca) wrote: By far the best movie about Elvis and Priscilla.

Scott M (ru) wrote: Fairly good '1984' about government oppression. A lot of idea's in this were also used in Star Wars. I enjoyed it.

pave m (es) wrote: this is a really realistic take on everything for a musical... in a good way. starving and depressed is a good look for sinatra. he's got the cheekbones for it. plus theres the way the cigarette dangles from his lips.. mMM

Jairo A (fr) wrote: I enjoyed Freddy vs Jason but it was only "good" at best. It has some really good parts from both Jason and Freddy. The fight scenes seem weird in some parts. I just have the feeling one of them could have killed the other much earlier in the movie. If you like Jason Vorhees and/or Freddy Kreuger, you should definitely check it out! I rate it 6/10 OR 3/5

Samuel B (mx) wrote: A beautifully poignant film which above all it's good points is incredibly human, making it an instant masterpiece