It Happened in Europe

It Happened in Europe

A band of runaways and orphans of the war scour the countryside in search of food and shelter. They invade and then taken in by a musician and former concert pianist who's hiding out in a ruined castle. After the initial altercation between them the gang accepts his guidance and he wins their respect by protecting them from the elements. However, disgruntled townsfolk want to chase away the gang who has been - in their search for survival - laying waste to their crops. A battle ensues ending in the death of a little boy - and resolution

A band of runaways and orphans of the war scour the countryside in search of food and shelter. They invade and then taken in by a musician and former concert pianist who's hiding out in a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Javier S (au) wrote: una larga y desagradable politica de un terrorista interpretado por vincent gallo que debe de ser odiado intensamente por el director ya que lo mando al desierto y luego descalzo a las monanias nevadas de polonia a que comiera, estiercol, moscas,gusanos, corteza de arboles y leche materna directamente de la fuente para al final matarlopuede ser una alegoria del espiritu humano pero es laarga y muuy aburrida

Heather M (nl) wrote: This is a brutally honest movie and rather hard to watch at times. The actors were great. The ending was as happy as could be expected so I was glad for that.

Pranav K (fr) wrote: typical Priyadarshan flick except not as funny; same formulas are getting old now.

Anson H (au) wrote: The guys who made this are awesome!- Director, Steven Spielberg. He made Jurassic park and it sequal, E.T, Jaws, the list goes on - Producer, Peter Jackson. He directed all 6J.R.R Tolkien middle earth films- Writer, Edgar Wright. I've Herd he makes great comedy and I think he is directing ant man 2- Writer, Steven Moffat. He make lots of Doctor Who episode

Shawn G (es) wrote: Interesting idea done in the most ludicrous and unappealing way. I wanted it to be so much better.

Michael G (br) wrote: It's essentially a live-action anime. The special effect are almost on par with American movies for the first half, though they peter out a little in the last half. The plot is convoluted, and the translated dialogue is a little off at times. But, if you like anime and/or Asian cinema, you might enjoy this, keeping in mind the convoluted storyline and sometimes cheesy special effects. It has enough "interesting" good moments and special effects to make it worth catching once... I think (caveats in mind).

Perry C (kr) wrote: Man i laff and laff and laff at the different characters in this movie.. the dad is hilarious and man so are the ghetto friends and fam is great.. this is one of my favorites.. apparently sum1 else likes it , cuz everytime i buy it .. IT GETS STOLEN

Chris M (br) wrote: It was a very fun, adventurous and entertaining animated family adventure. It had very excellent animation, great characters, very well done voice cast, great comedy, exciting adventure, lots of action, awesome visuals, very well done backgrounds, great music and an exciting storyline. It's one of the best animated movies of 2003. I recommend this movie to both kids and adults.

Charlis T (it) wrote: L'histoire met du temps a decoller, mais je l'ai trouvee tres belle.

Eric H (ru) wrote: This is a great film if you're looking for something urban and gritty, driven by a murder mystery against the backdrop of 1990's Brooklyn, before the gentrification. It's definitely one of Spike Lee's top five best films in my humble opinion.

Charlene (nl) wrote: Just watch this on Youtube and sat through the entire movie, to my surprise... I enjoyed it.9:15pm thursday December 27 2012.

Jason H (nl) wrote: Yikes! What's with the ridiculous movie poster?

Anders A (br) wrote: A sarcastic and simple plot, turning it into pure genious, dressed up as a real gentleman. Petter Sellers delivering a solid piece of pure autism, a totally natural and straight autism. That being said the rest of the characters really builds up and around the movies credibillity, in which reaches high.

arah t (au) wrote: great movie i loved it :)

Brian B (br) wrote: Another salute to the armed forces, so to speak. Plenty of lightning fast repartee between Abbott and Costello as usual. Plenty of slight of hand gags too. Plenty of fun.

Bud L (ag) wrote: very weird but in a good way