It Pays to Advertise!

It Pays to Advertise!

Mr. Miller is the CEO of a big soap company whose son Henry like to spend his father's money but isn't interesting in working. Henry's laziness makes Mr. Miller upset and stressed out, so he assigns his young secretary (who the son also is in love with) to figure out a way to make Henry work and she will get 10,000 crowns ($1000). But things doesn't really to turn out the way Mr. Miller imagined.

A comedy about the power of advertising Henry Miller is a young man who doesn't have any goals for life. He lives on his father's money and spends them on girls, fancy dinners and parties. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah P (us) wrote: It starts off interesting enough, with the set-up for a good story. However, the bad acting in a few of the roles and a silly plot thereafter ruin the whole thing.

Sam S (gb) wrote: Tough but sensitive film with characters who stay with you long after you have left the theater. I think this film can change lives. Beautifully real.

Doctor S (us) wrote: Yet another pastiche of mostly unhappy and boring New Yorkers and how their lives change over the course of a day. Amy Fox could use a spark of creativity in her screenplay to distinguish hers from the glut of similar films. (I knew an Amy Fox in college, could she be the same? I hope not ) Some good performances from Glenn Close and something of a revelation from Elizabeth Banks, but for what?

Donald D (fr) wrote: The directing is the worst part. Back when chaos cam was still in vogue. It ruins nearly all of what would have been otherwise fantastic action sequences. It's a fun action movie, all things considered.

Justin W (kr) wrote: not a big fan of this british comedy from outer space...i thought some of the jokes were clever, but never really thought any of them were very funny. it contains several parodies of other space-themed films within...but again, most of them aren't all that good. i give the film an 'a' for effort, but more of a 'd-' for entertainment value. to love this film, you might have to be a moron....from outer space. yeah, got a dumb play on words in at the end.

Garrett O (ag) wrote: Rod Serling's masterpiece. This tells the story of a popular, patriotic general staging a coup because he believes a weak president is about to sell out the United States. This is a great Cold War movie, fast-paced and suspenseful. Douglas gives a bravura performance sans hemorrhoid grimace. The movie came out after the Kennedy assassination and it is a fictive window into the national psyche.

Augustine H (nl) wrote: When James Cagney told his Ma that he had made it to the top of the world, I almost forgot his Oedipus complex. Few gangsters can be as unprecedentedly psychotic and wild as Cagney in here, maybe perhaps Al Pacino in Scarface.

Eliabeth W (fr) wrote: Great movie about Philadelphia

Bridger B (gb) wrote: A very funny, family film.