It Rains on Our Love

It Rains on Our Love

Maggi meets David after having missed her train, and they spend the night together. Penniless, the young lovers break into a summer cottage. The owner, Håkansson, offers to rent it to them,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Greg A (jp) wrote: This short is amazingly good. A cruel little boy torments his robot friend after getting bored with him beginning to make outrageous commands to him until...I love this movie, it's like I, Robot from hell.

Mon K (ag) wrote: Surprisingly funny & entertaining!

Aliyah D (us) wrote: christmas in wonderland

TTT C (jp) wrote: (***): Thumbs Up Well-acted but it just doesn't quite meet the great category due to it tediousness/pace at times. Marginal thumbs up.

Terri H (ru) wrote: OK movie for the family. Funny cute parts.

David B (it) wrote: A fantastically over the top raw coming of age tale. Evan Rachel Wood excels in every sense of the word carrying the movie from start to finish. This film will make your blood curdle if your kids are anywhere near their teenage years. 4 experimental drugs out of 5.

Aaron G (de) wrote: The John C. Reilly show, in my opinion.

Rachael B (au) wrote: This was an ok christmas movie. I wouldn't buy it but i would watch it again. Whoopi Goldberg was her usual dramatic and comic self.

Sudhiti D (nl) wrote: brilliant movie--this is what hrithik shud act like and look like in movies--the rugged look was exquisite

Robert L (de) wrote: Sad to hear O'Toole left us. Made me think of this 80s movie which I really enjoyed back then.

Grayson W (fr) wrote: Not as good as the first, but a Blind Dead film worth watching. This time I think they forgot to even give a back story for the dead rising. Not that it ever really made much sense in the others.

James H (nl) wrote: 5.5/10. Jeez, I didn't think it was ever going to end! Way overlong and far too many repetitive scenes and slow stretches. Kirk Douglas gives a sincere performance, and the basic story is an interesting one. Senta berger is miscast and the spattering of big name stars in cameo roles distracts from the film. (John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Yul Brynner etc.)

Igor T (au) wrote: L'ide est bonne, la ralisation beaucoup moins.

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