It's a Gift

It's a Gift

After he inherits some money, Harold Bissonette ("pronounced bis-on-ay") decides to give up the grocery business, move to California and run an orange grove. Despite his family's objections and the news that the land he bought is worthless, Bissonette packs up and drives out to California with his nagging wife Amelia and children.

A henpecked New Jersey grocer makes plans to move to California to grow oranges, despite the resistance of his overbearing wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stacey F (gb) wrote: My 6 year old said this movie was amazing!

Sylvia D (br) wrote: Excellent documentary about Andrew Breitbart, the man who stood up to the left and proved over and over how their lies and propaganda define and destroy those who stand against them.

Lexie L (us) wrote: Me and my sister really liked it. It was entertaining and fun. Some parts were a little gory, but it was a nice movie and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Tahir S (de) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Jim A (nl) wrote: Very strange tale of a grandmothers battle for money to send her ill grandson to australia for treatment.She ends up working in a sex club.Very well delivered underated british drama

Yannick F (jp) wrote: vraiment bien comme film

Taylor M (ca) wrote: A great sports spoof/satire.

Shannon M (it) wrote: Not as naughty/whitty as the first but still funny

Arash B (nl) wrote: Better than Intervista but still not that interesting

Curtis P (br) wrote: Guy Pearce's best performance next to Memento. Sienna Miller really surprised me with her acting ability, her astounding acting. Heartbreaking film that every person interested in the art world should see, right up there with Pollock.

Hunter H (ag) wrote: Pretty much my same thoughts here as I did with Lockout. I went into it expecting it to be good, but NOT perfect, and that's EXACTLY what I got: an enjoyable enough film that's fun to watch, but has some problems with it that you SHOULD be able to get past and still have a good time. I think the only reason people think this is terrible is because they think the filmmaking is terrible (and this is just another example of that), that this is a cash-grab (not just this, the whole franchise of these movies, and this is just another example of THAT), or (more likely) because they're huge fans of the games...! Among all the games I played growing up (and while I would eventually play SOME outbreak-related or zombie-related games), the Resident Evil series was NOT one of them...!

Huy I (it) wrote: Awesome movie. Granted, i'm biased. I have read the book; but mainly, i enjoy watching mean girls being mean and kick-ass kicks ass. The movie does an even better job than the book in pacing and storytelling - the movie is faster, gripping, and action-packed. In return, it might appear to be too hasty and consequently confusing to some (to me it's perfect though.) For this reason i recommend watching the movie only after reading the book.