It's a Mismatch

It's a Mismatch

A young couple face challenges when their respective families don't get along.

A young couple face challenges when their respective families don't get along. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tasos L (ru) wrote: Nothing special but watchable enough..

Randy T (kr) wrote: The comparisons to HBO's Band of Brothers are inevitable and a little unfair. Whereas Band of Brothers is the story of a company of closely bonded G.I.'s, The Pacific is essentially about three heroic marines whose lives intersect. Consequentially, it's a little more difficult to develop connections with the characters. Still, this is an epic undertaking and HBO has once again done itself proud. Another outstanding miniseries highlighting the extraordinary valor of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines.

Paulina A (nl) wrote: Very good movie, based on a true story. Mira Sorvino does great in these kind of movies and promotes the knowledge n difussion of a very common and increasing problem: slave trade. Loved the script and touching performances. A must!

Armando B (jp) wrote: This was something different, that I have seen in quite some time. This was a good action film realating to bikes. Joseph Gordon Levitt did a great job in here. I liked all the action that this movie showed in here. A great movie with a great story and a great twist at the end. So for this being one good movie that people missed and did not watch, wich I don't understand why??? I give "Premium Rush" a B-.

Robert G (it) wrote: The cast is strong and does a very solid job. The cast is led by Luke Wilson, who is not one I think of when I think of great actors. But he is quite impressive here. But the script of the film is just not there. This is where the film falls apart, and makes the film hard to watch.

Nora F (ru) wrote: cute cheesy movie about an important topic. Stamos and Eric Dane are HOT!

Cle S (us) wrote: Used to like it when I was a kid, but now it seems like an absurd sequence of stereotypes. Maybe Tim Allen should have stuck to "Home Improvement".

D M (jp) wrote: A not-funny movie about driving school. A motley crew of people are thrown into driving school after receiving traffic tickets. They learn there is a conspiracy to stop them from passing, so they enact their revenge. I think Lt Dangle got his image from the main cop in this film. Not the movie I thought I remembered from the 80s.

Olivier S (kr) wrote: funny and loving, a really good romance story.

david s (br) wrote: Back then when we thought the big world issues would never be settled by war again, schoolboy adventures filled the cinema circuit. Vietnam and its cinematic realism, the brutal comedy of Catch 22, the everpresent 21st century threat from terrorism and political powerlessness make 633 Squadon into a curiosity of no lasting value, a cinematic bauble. The artwork alone says it all at a glance. Just for the record, in 1964 after a rainy-holiday viewing of no alternative available, my 40y old ex Lancaster tailgunner father broke his misty-eyed recollections with a brief "it wasn't like that... AT ALL". But he liked the briefing-hut scene, when the pukka RAF-officer dismisses the crews onto their death-mission saying "Carry on chaps - I wish I was going with you" and the pawky aussie/cockney retorts sotto voce "you can have my seat if you like". My dad liked that ... it helped him put his real memories behind him, and cope.

Martin T (es) wrote: The turn of events is quite well plotted out and develops in interesting directions. The film also has a French New Wave aura to it at times, with the quick flashbacks and characters pretending to be something else... I definitely felt a Band of Outsiders meets Shoot the Piano Player vibe. Weld and Perkins are playing much younger than their actual ages, and it shows, but otherwise their performances are solid. Very intriguing little cult film.

Christophe C (kr) wrote: Un rgal d'humour noir (pour l'poque) et d'absurde. Un de mes prfrs d'Hitchcock!

Bloodmarsh K (gb) wrote: If you happen to start watching ''Wolfen'' 85 minutes into the film, and you wonder what you've missed - just sit back and enjoy the finish, because the only thing you've missed, is about 80 minutes of night vision shots, a police detective who couldn't tell the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground, and some naked native americans jumping around making animal sounds. Frightening, indeed.

Jocey D (ag) wrote: Sad story of the deterioration of a genius' mind. Bobby Fischer was sensitive and perceptive and he could not handle the harsh world in which he lived. He made the game of chess mesmerizing and popular.