It's Breaking News

It's Breaking News

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:media,   tv,  

Story about corrupt police officers, exploitation of an innocent girl and media's fight to expose the facts. A girl goes to seek help after her father's death from the Higher-ranking ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James O (au) wrote: Meh... Average story and with the way the anime series ended I didn't really care too much about this movie.

Randy P (au) wrote: Hilarious fun little R rated flick.

David L (es) wrote: Shrek Forever After has a clichd and repetitive storyline that is pretty mediocre, some parts are filled with forced or cheesy emotion and it is overall quite forgettable, but it also has solid animation, a good score for once and the humor is the highlight with many funny parts and most characters getting their moments. It isn't a bad movie and isn't particularly good, but is still a harmless diversion and a solid conclusion to the franchise.

Lester Y (gb) wrote: this is one of those art house movies that people would cite as the reason they hate these kinds of films. there's a lot of open space, it's quaint, subdued and quiet, and it operates at a deliberately slow pace. i'll admit it lost me at ties especially in the 1911 segment but you can't deny its exquisiteness and subtlety. its pace eventually gets hypnotically rhythmic particularly in the first segment which stands on its own as a wonderful short film. try this one out

Hans W (de) wrote: Interesting tale well acted but the open end without revealing the murderer is unsatisfactory

Madeline C (ag) wrote: I enjoyed this movie, but there was some bad acting.

Claudia G (jp) wrote: This is probably the best vampire series out there. This is the kind of film where the acting is so realistic and great you forgive that the make up sometimes is not. Love the actor who played Radu, is absolute fabulous and the actress, well I'm a huge fan of her role as well, and her acting is flawless.

Chandra L (ca) wrote: Bonus: history of vogueing. ?????

Christopher S (es) wrote: Solid giallo thriller is entertaining enough, with its lurid plot twists and atmospheric setting. But despite a few offbeat moments, it's a bit too routine to be among the best. Fans of the genre will enjoy it, but it's not one to get anyone initiated.

Greg W (it) wrote: good tense political drama

Raji K (ag) wrote: Two superstars Eddie (Jon Cusack) and Gwen (Catherine Zeta-Jones) were America's Sweethearts. They made movies together, and were married, but now they are split up, and each of them are a mess career wise. The new movie has them in it together, but in order to try to make a box office hit, Billy Crystal is forced to try and get them back together and make movie magic. This movie is trying to be a satire on Hollywood, and how actors and actresses are, but this movie was terrible. A romance starts with Julia Roberts as well for no reason, and this was just a satire on itself and Hollywood garbage.

Simon D (au) wrote: Here begins a sequence of reviews of films I watched in a Saigon hotel room when it was too hot or rainy to go outside. I wasn't looking forward to seeing this but there was nothing else on. Seeing that Kurt Russel and Steven Segal was in it didn't bode well. I'm pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised however. It's quite a cool film, with a decent story and action packed, of course. It didn't drop into the realms of fantasy either, which I respect.

Stephen S (jp) wrote: Pretty bad, but at least it's not Taylor Lautner's fault. He wouldn't be my first choice for a film lead, but he can usually pull it off. The problems here include the writing and story...they're both horrible, especially the character development and dialogue. The freerunning is great, so at least they get that right. Aside from that, this movie is a trainwreck.