It's Me, It's Me

It's Me, It's Me

The world is full of me.

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Pontius X (jp) wrote: I don't know... maybe it's because I grew up in Los Angeles... Hollywood... but this film.... have I just seen things the sheltered public haven't? Have I lived in an age where fantasy meets reality as opposed to fantasy only lives on a screen? Perhaps... I grew up during a time when there was no main fantasy based outlet like the Internet or digital media.... Impulses were directed in reality and the games of sex and power reigned supreme in reality. It was with that experience that this film, together with it's SPOT ON musical score, really pushed an envelope that 90% of the public since the year 2000 are just so uncomfortable with or pussy whipped against understanding that the fallout usually is ratings on Rotten Tomatoes ends up in the gutter....You see, 50% of RT rated movies that are rated as low as this are because the people watching it are unable to get it. It's not MTV, Kardashian, fucking bullshit enough to make them comfortable in their life bubble.... It steps into reality and BOOM... they can't handle....This film IS rooted in reality and fantasy but requires an IQ in the triple digits to follow. Without that, you're rating this low. With it, you appreciate the ride in a world of such shitty films.Just sit back and enjoy... for tomorrow you may die....

Shanna S (br) wrote: Its an actually pretty decent sequel. I usual don't like remakes or sequels but I think they did good with this one.

Bill B (gb) wrote: This film has some fairly grueling moments as a young couple tries to rent out an apartment that's strangely priced well below market value. They have misgivings about the location, but soon realize they have much bigger concerns.Worth a rental.

Rosie Y (fr) wrote: Hysterical! Had me crying with jolly merth and slightly turned on at the same time! Surprisingly graphic too.

Private U (au) wrote: Fantastic must see film. I happened upon it last night in a 'lets do the cinema' moment. The director was there doing a q&a. Its the first in a long time that I have been totally engrossed in a film. Please please please go to see it.

Matias P (ca) wrote: Giovanni Hidalgo is amazing playing with Tito Puente. Excellent improvisation from Bebo Valdez and his son Chucho. Patato on the congas. A must see!

Sarah P (jp) wrote: why did i watch this ? who knows,it sucked hard,,,,low budget , Beware !!!

Paul D (mx) wrote: An old theme but this one is well structured which keeps it bubbling along and makes for a fairly decent watch.

Shawn W (ag) wrote: A family inherits a large castle in Italy and realize that a badly mutilated man who supposedly died as a child lives there too. Decent film but this is no Re-Animator despite the Stuart Gordon and Jeffry Coombs reunion.

Shantel D (de) wrote: Rumble Fish is shot beautifully and is cast well, but unfortunately, these isn't enough to make it entertaining. It fell pretty flat for a poor man's "Outsiders." Sometimes, when a writer hits gold, it's a fluke. It seems like that is the difference between Outsiders and Rumble Fish.

Leonard M (mx) wrote: richard pryor funny as hell

Daniel G (gb) wrote: if mood and imagery were what the film completed itself as this would hit peak. it's as if the rest of the film were trying to keep up with its visual design, and those elements don't succeed.