It's Not Cricket

It's Not Cricket

Kicked out of Army Intelligence, a pair of upper class twits set up as private detectives. The result is refined English chaos. " This is the regettable story of two Drones who didn't even know their own Zones. It starts in Germany, gets nowhere and stops at nothing." Radford and Wayne, cashiered from the army when they let a captured Nazi escape, become private detectives who later get involved with the same German and a missing diamond ...

Kicked out of Army Intelligence, a pair of upper class twits set up as private detectives. The result is refined English chaos. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carreh R (ru) wrote: I loved this movie even though it looks like it was not well liked by critics or audiences. The acting was great, the jokes were good and it really showed the negative consequences of strict religiosity. As such the film was bitter sweet.

Bruce R (au) wrote: I was really excited when this movie came out. And I think overall the story was really good idea. Good idea, not so good execution of the idea. It would've been great as a regular directed movie rather than the 1st person 'Blair Witch' style. Just tell the story normally. Had they done that, it would've been much much better. I actually think the concept was a home run. They just missed.

D S (au) wrote: Study Hell was a cheesy horror flick, but somewhat entertaining at times. It's acting was atrocious, and its fight scenes absurdly fake. But a flick that puts a smile (however small it may be) upon your face nevertheless. I wouldn't exactly recommend it, but I wouldn't claim to stay clear away either. If there's nothing else to choose from at your video store, then by all means, rent this funny "horror" movie.

Mason C (es) wrote: there's really nothing too special about this movie, it follows a very linear progression in the slowest of slow. the character interactions are good and very believable, but that's only if you're awake to see them, but the other thing is the pace of this movie is perfect for the circumstance.

Mary Catherine M (de) wrote: ... The first few pages are the best-written suspense that a person could ever read, but every review and comment gives it away... why??? If you say one word about the story, you have ruined the hair-raising suspense. I can say, without ruining the movie, that the movie starts by making David into a thief and a liar, which is false. The heart of the movie is this boy's integrity. Also, the quote "I am David" is not spoken in the film as the soul of the book, but as a simple introduction. I wonder if the screen writers even read the book. The movie is a huge disappointment if you have read the book! Otherwise, it's a good enough story and a well-made film.

Christian C (br) wrote: A satisfying and somewhat stirring examination of love and family. Crowe and Thompson give solid performances despite limited production values. "The Sum of Us" made me smile, so I guess I gotta recommend it.

Tapani M (us) wrote: This is a cult movie classic! Story is about a guy who is into bioelectrotecnics and weird experiments. He looses his girlfriend in a freak garden tool accident, but gets an idea to re-animate her. Actors are great with their jersey accent and natural comical performances. This is all bad taste, boundless imagination and total amusement. Not recommended to faint of hearted.

Lee M (nl) wrote: Where Romero excels as a film is in its depiction of its subject's gradual and nuanced transformation.

Rmy V (au) wrote: a tour de force for Golie Hawn. Kurt Russell is very good and so is the rest of the cast. Quite a few lol moments.

Trevor L (nl) wrote: The actors are good, but the story is very thin

Julia Y (ag) wrote: O MY GOSSSSSH u have 2 see dis 1 very old and very scary but u kno wat they say olddie but a goody

Benito R (ca) wrote: Not really sure what I was expecting, but this was just pathetic.