It's Only Money

It's Only Money

Lester is a clumsy and awkward TV repair man who is nevertheless gifted technically. In helping out a friend, he is drawn into a mystery involving a missing heir in a rich family. He begins to notice little things, like how much those family portraits look like him. can't be...can he ?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:1962
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:nurse,   inheritance,  

Lester is a clumsy and awkward TV repair man who is nevertheless gifted technically. In helping out a friend, he is drawn into a mystery involving a missing heir in a rich family. He begins... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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D M (ca) wrote: Based on the Martin Short-in-a-fat-suit TV program. Very funny as Jiminy is sent by the local affiliate in Butte, MT to cover the Toronto Film Festival. He becomes an overnight sensation and all the celebs what to be interviewed by him. Lots of great comedic actors (plus the bane of my existence Jeneane Garfalo).

Teneille C (mx) wrote: Weird.. but hilarious

Jayakrishnan R (nl) wrote: 87%Pitch Black was the first Hollywood horror film that I had seen in my life( when I was 7 or 8 I think), that too an unrated version. It scared the hell out of me to be frank, I couldn't sleep the night I saw this film. This is one of the best Vin Diesel starers. Radha Mitchell and Cole Hauser were also good here.

Lady L (fr) wrote: I haven't seen it, but since I teach German, I'd like to watch it.

Matthew C (ca) wrote: When a husband gets his wife a doll to complete her collection, a cult who worships Satan trys to kill both of them, strange things begin to happen and they soon realize that there is something unusual about the doll. Overall Annabelle, has boring characters and too many dull moments to be a good horror movie. Annabelle had the potential to be good, but it was clearly made just to be a money-leeching prequel to The Conjuring.

Shane L (au) wrote: Following the ancient Hollywood tradition of studding popular works of literature to the hilt with top-names, this film dared to take a crack at one of Agatha Christie's most involved and constricted crime-thrillers, "Murder on the Orient Express." tough Bergman takes home the Oscar for her commendable supporting role, it really isn't practical to leave out the rest of the equally-superb cast, in particular Albert Finney, Lauren Bacall and Vanessa Redgrave among others (Sadly, we don't see anything interesting from the more-than-capable Anthony Perkins, who is shamefully typecast a la Norman Bates). Masterfully crafted and painstakingly written, this movie excels in most facets of film-making, but it still stands for me that murder-mysteries make the most exciting books and the most ponderous movies. This film, however, comes damn close to making me rethink my opinion, even with its two-hour run-time. It may be a bit slow for some, but this movie is anything but intolerable, and miraculously holds tension like a taut rope throughout. And it is an egregious understatement to say that its lush musical score by Richard Rodney Bennett is absolutely charming.

Theo M (br) wrote: A smart and beautiful young woman turns out to be an experimental creation of half human, half alien DNA. She develops a tongue that can pierce through peoples heads, which starts to become kind of a nasty habit. The girl and her creator flee to Mexico where things only get worse. Now the girl wants to mate and get pregnant, and she has to fight another hybrid (no idea why - if the alien females are really that destructive, the species should be extinct by now. Why there is some emphasis on religion, I don't know either. It looks like they may have thought: if the alien is a monster, the monster must be the devil. Or something like that). It all ends with a big boom - now who would have guessed that? The only reason to watch this silly movie is that it has a few nice special effects (the shot of hail has a touch of Matrix) as well as a few nice boobs.