It's Rocking: Dard-E-Disco

It's Rocking: Dard-E-Disco

During a visit to his doctor, DK sings a new song he has written. He is overheard by a newborn (Rocky)in the next room - destined to live his life for Disco. Rambo and Rocky Singh, (crazy, spoiled brothers), wish to open their own disco and spend every night partying. They are excited to visit the new DK discotheque "Dard-E-Disco", and thrilled to meet the famous Disco King. Meanwhile, Powder Bhai wants to infiltrate the new club with his product - drugs - the one thing DK does not allow. He sees Rocky and Rambo's closeness to DK as a way in, which eventually splits the close brothers apart.

During a visit to his doctor, DK sings a new song he has written. He is overheard by a newborn (Rocky)in the next room - destined to live his life for Disco. Rambo and Rocky Singh, (crazy, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luca D (it) wrote: un classico film di vendetta dove il sicario di turno si vendica di un torto subito (ovviamente dopo che si ritirato dalla suo "lavoro").Dunque la trama, i personaggi e i dialoghi sono quello che sono; al netto di questo il film funziona ed credibile e diverte.Ci sono alcuni particolari che rendono il film diverso e pi interessante della media (le regole dell'albergo per fare un esempio).

Randy P (us) wrote: Definitely Asylums worst movie, with no logic, terrible script, horrible acting, and unbelievably painful on the eyes with the "graphics". It makes it one of the worst films in history, and I know it's just a direct to video film. But come on! I've seen a hell of a lot better.

James S (ag) wrote: "Joseph" is such a fun piece of work. It shows Sir Andrew in his earlier days. It seems as if the show is more of an exercise in musical styles. Sir Andrew takes the libretto of Tim Rice and, although musically the work is very disjointed, makes it a conglomerate of tasteful and fun songs. I give credit for this early and enthusiastic work. My problems with the show are not the show itself, but its presentation. The show got a bit too cutsie in places (the snake puppet?). Also, Maria Friedman did not really fit well as the narrator, and Donny Osmond was about 20 years to old to play the part of Joseph (although one does not need to see him when listening to the soundtrack). If you like this type of show, by all means, get it. If not, check out "Cats."

Tara H (fr) wrote: Compelling depiction of the Algonquin Round Table, with the excellent Jennifer Jason Leigh as Dorothy Parker.

Maria V (au) wrote: Julia Roberts tem um brilho especial q traz magia aos filmes onde entra :)

Kim B (gb) wrote: Art shit. How does anybody like films like this and call them genius? They must also like to look at people's poop and call it the most beautiful thing they've ever seen. I've seen Brando be great in other movies, but in this one the whole thing was a giant mess with seemingly no direction. The irony is throughout the film they make fun of a pretentious film director, but meanwhile all I could think was this guy directing is pretentious and the actors are basket-cases. Most of the film covers an unusual narrative involving two broken and immature people droning on in thick accents talking about nonsense and not much else going on. There are side stories but they don't really explain them that much. Not the romantic movie or at least decent half interesting movie I was hoping for. Nothing erotic about this film, just disgusting, misogynistic, and masochistic most of the sex scenes. I just wasted a couple hours of my life to watch characters I don't like fight and behave like children incoherently, save yourself some time.

Jonathan G (gb) wrote: Home Alone.... for grown ups? Well, that was almost no fun at all... but still superb. I found the film compelling but really hard to watch. Hoffman is really terrific as always, and it made me hope that he makes some more films worthy of him soon. Susan George was irresistible, but that rape scene was deeply disturbing. I'm not sure if Peckinpah likes people or not, as almost no one is likable. For some reason I thought Straw Dogs was a western, probably because Peckinpah was the director... but in effect, it was. A great cast, but Warner was a little wasted, and it took me a moment to realise the Vicar was the writer of Chariots of Fire. A great film but I think I need to watch Happy Feet or something to cleanse myself.

Richard C (br) wrote: An enjoyable neo-noir thriller that does well with its amount of characters to the point that anything can happen in the film thus creating a usage of unpredictability and tension that helps this film work in terms of trying to design something in which anything can go either way. It also is a likable highlight back to the days when Nicolas Cage could still make good films as well as creating a villain in Dennis Hopper who not as great as his legendary Frank Booth but still played as a villain that you know you shouldn't like but one you can't help but like for all his style and morbid humor.