It Waits

It Waits

A lone female park ranger tries to track down a vicious creature killing various people and terrorizing her at a remote national park.

The film follows a lone female park ranger who encounters a terrible creature who has been killing people in the remote national forest where she works. When the creature attacks her isolated ranger station and kills her forest ranger boyfriend, she goes after the creature. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Xian Dale E (it) wrote: A horror story that doesn't know its a horror story.They marry, she gets pregnant, her baby dies, she goes insane, kills other kids for the heck of it then they run away together...never to be seen again. Plain, Awful

Matthew R (es) wrote: Decent look at a part of the world I don't see too much - with good acting and characters.

Michael K (de) wrote: Taking over two years to bring to screen it's Strickland's debut which he filmed in Romania and what a debut it is. I knew little about the film's premise and I am so glad I kept it that way because Katalin Varga has some great morality twists and turns which leaves you fumbling around in your own morals discussing this great little film. Strickland obviously has a love of arthouse European cinema with his long dreamy rural shots, notably Tarr and Tarkovsky. Highly recommended for fans of European cinema.

Trouble B (fr) wrote: Bit lacking in imagination and just sort of fizzles out.

Ryan H (mx) wrote: In this movie a young man quizzes his mother about the lethality of various biochemical weaponry while she is taking a poop so that he can beat an anti-terrorism supercomputer at a game that causes the supercomputer to commit terrorism. That's not even the most absurd thing that happens. See this movie; you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll try to teach your computer to love through the power of tic-tac-toe and quiz your mom about VX gas rockets while she's dropping a twosie!Absolutely the best bad movie ever made. I would have given it 17 stars if Rotten Tomatoes would let me

Anya S (br) wrote: What a wonderful movie! There was so much attention to detail in the story, characters, sets, costumes, everything. I would actually watch it again. Annette Benning was fantastic as Julia. By far my favorite part was the ending monolog from the play, the words were no longer words but extention of feelings and pure emotion. I was completely taken into this beautiful world was lying cheating and decite. This movie would be great for anyone who enjoys period pieces and also has a special part for the theater in their hearts.

Bengel W (ru) wrote: A fun and exciting start to this film gives it a great chance of being fun and entertaining. For a children's film they have spent time on sets and gadgets and placed some highly skilled actors in the roles making for a very professional job. Toys and teenagers make things exciting and give the chance for a lay back and to dream, enjoy. Nibbles: Chocolate clairs.

Clayton M (mx) wrote: this movie is in the top native films i love.

Brandon S (ca) wrote: The news media is a peculiar entity in that they criticize violence and violent people under the allusion of "explaining" or "seeking to understand", yet they relish in that violence. Dead people means that the living left behind will have their TVs on for explanation or comfort. Those TVs equal ratings, which equal money. Advertisers want to advertise on networks that everyone is watching. Those advertisers bring money to the network, and how do you keep getting that money? By keeping those frightened viewers in search of answers.That's what Oliver Stone is satirizing here; he's not glorifying violence as he's been accused of. In fact, he's condemning it by way of condemning the news media that relishes in it.That is why I think that this film inspired the Columbine killers, contrary to popular belief in the artistic community. I believe that it was them seeing the fame and recognition that Mickey and Mallory received that inspired them. The media makes killers famous, and the two boys from Columbine high school wanted to go out in a blaze of glory, knowing that they would be studied, pondered, and discussed forever. Looks like their mission was a success.

Private U (ru) wrote: Dreadful. I considered it an insult to my backside that was forced to sit through such nonsense.

Des S (gb) wrote: Really love watching the rock in these hero roles.

Ayrton Anthony C (gb) wrote: Puntaje Original: 7.0Desde sus inicios Quentin Tarantino nos muestra su maestra para con el sptimo arte, con un film inteligente, intrigante, y para los amantes al cine, inspiradora.