It Was the Son

It Was the Son

The Ciraulo family lives in the miserable district of Palermo called "Zen". When one of their children dies in a shootout between mafia gangsters they receive compensation and buy a luxury black Volvo. Things go wrong when Trancredi, another son, takes the car out and damages the car door.

Palermo in the 1970s. The Ciraulos are modest scrap dealers whose uneventful lives are turned upside down the day their youngest daughter is accidentally killed by clumsy killers. Their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kimberly B (ru) wrote: This got some bad reviews, but I have to say that I don't fully understand this. Does a lot happen? No, not really, but that is ALWAYS true of so-called "indie" films. in fact, isn't it a requirement? To make sure the plot moves slowly and nothing much actually takes place? -- hahaYes, all the scenes occur in hotel rooms, so we see only snippets of these characters' interactions over an unspecified amount of time, but we know it must span a few years at least. But to its credit, the editing is such that the progress of time/plot moves ahead pretty quickly, and we are not subjected to overly-long scenes or gratuitous shots. We never linger in any one room, or any one period, for too long. This is a very honest & raw treatment of a generally taboo topic: infidelity that includes love on both sides: both the couples engaging in the infidelity and those individuals with their own partners. It is clear that both of the main characters (and there are only 2 in the film) love each other AND the people they are with, and this is what makes the film and the situation interesting and unusual. We never see the "others" in this film; only the 2 involved, but I think the myriad conflicted emotions and complicated situation that results from the situation are depicted honestly and movingly. I read some very negative reviews in imdb and in this case as in many others in which a film depicts adultery WITHOUT condemning it or taking some self-righteous moral stand on it, people complained. They said it "glorified" adultery or that the characters were despicable in some way. To that I say: lucky you, that your own emotions have been so black-and-white, but I believe that in real life, quite often this is not how things play out. And this film depicts some very raw; very difficult; very complicated results from a complicated and very "gray" situation. If you want moralizing or edge-of-your-seat action, this is not for you. But if you are interested in an adult (not prurient) film that makes you think, give it a try. I think this deserved much more praise than it received.

jay x (br) wrote: It's two of my fav genres combined, the typical high school movie with a medieval movie combined!i loved the story and i totally didn't expect the end. so it was nice and surpricingthe acting is good, not super, but good enough for a movie like this!!but if you don't like the genre, don't watch it!! if you do, I def recommend it!!

William W (au) wrote: A simple story but well structured. Although the result is not up to P.T.U., the movie is still good, especially the rhythm - the pressure is good balanced with those break points, like the crazy man who writing the words and the music from the church. There are not many chances for Simon Yam to perform, so Maggie Siu is more attractive in this movie.

Alex B (es) wrote: Brecht is the best playwright ever, or so far, especially because he was a Marxist, notwithstanding what some of the petty bourgeois "witnesses" here think (ironically, since Mother Courage demonstrates the ruination of the petty bourgeoisie).

Miracle B (ru) wrote: omg it won't let me watch wtf!

Richard G (ca) wrote: Fantastic recreation of a 70's B-movie. Magnificently detailed and extremely well done considering its shoestring budget. Highly recommended for horror genre fans or fans of obscure indy cinema.

Louise B (au) wrote: I think it would be unfair to shoot it down before I've seen it but it kinda sounds like Perfect Blue but from the opposite perspective...

Ben S (mx) wrote: I didn't like this the first time I watched it four years ago but lately it's reallky grown on me. Just a clever action film with a media satire thrown in. The one take opening is breathtaking.

Rohan G (au) wrote: Top film... Why don't we get these film on at the cinema?????

Louie P (au) wrote: One of my all time favourite horror films

Chad H (it) wrote: Jail Bait was definitely an interesting movie. Probably one of Ed Woods best in the sense that it wasn't so bad its good. But in the sense of its wasn't half bad. I will say however that you could never get away with titling your movie "Jail Bait" in this day and age unless it was a porno. This movie definitely has some good elements such as the music and overall shooting. It looks great in black and white with the all the shots in the city. Jail Bait is an interesting story idea that is predictable but really fits into the cult movie status. It has some bad acting some weird dialogue but overall is a fun and entertaining ride. I will say that the music definitely reminded me of "Scooby-Doo" at times. See for yourself, but that's all I could really think of. It does have some ambiance that fits with the story really well. I won't give to much away about the plot because it is predictable. It could have been better but it does provide some cheap entertainment. Not a bad one, but a pass.

Juuso L (es) wrote: Atmospheric triangle drama with samurai setting. Emphasis here is more on melodrama than on basic samurai stuff such as sword fighting and stuff. So don't expect this to be an action flick, since it is not.Unfortunately the print that I saw was not of best quality. Lots of snap, crackle and pop.

Guy H (es) wrote: Like most muscals of the time, the plot is thin and it hasn;t aged gracefully, but the songs are catchy and the dances are incredibly creative, thanks to Busby Berkley.

Courtney K (kr) wrote: the acting isn't awesome, but the story breaks my heart & lifts it up all at the same time :( from what i can tell the movie follows the actual story fairly well.

Desean W (fr) wrote: wasn't that impress with it

Osian C (ru) wrote: Great movie I'd say this is the best comic book movie with powerful moments and well handled the,es like terrorsim.