It Was You Charlie

It Was You Charlie

A once accomplished sculptor, a former college art teacher, but now a lonely graveyard shift doorman, Abner Roth is sadly a mere shadow of his former self. Having lost the love of his life and haunted by the death of a woman in a terrible car accident a year ago, he is desolate and suicidal but amusingly so. Step in Zoe, a free spirited taxi driver with a large hart and persuasive disposition. Zoe's energy and outlook help Abner look at life anew and try to reconcile his conflicted past.

A lonely graveyard-shift doorman has his life magically transformed after meeting a beautiful, free-spirited cab driver. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Logan H (ru) wrote: I absolutely love key and peele, and Mike Birbiglia has one of my favorite comedy shows I've ever heard. But this movie just seemed a little pointless to me. Didn't really leave me feeling good at the end, or really much of anything. I don't even know if I laughed during this movie. Still love Keegan and Mike though.

Mark S (es) wrote: Wish I'd checked out the reviews before watching this. A load of lazy boring rubbish.

Cory W (gb) wrote: OVERALL GRADE: B+BOTTOM LINE: "If a Tree Falls..." deserves its Oscar nomination. Quite an engrossing story.

Jorge G (br) wrote: the best spiderman and the best green goblin

Nam P (gb) wrote: More interesting and informative than entertaining.

Kyle D (ag) wrote: Cool music, interesting camera work, and real dialogue. I actually liked Brandon and Steve's performances as well. The overall story though is kind of a mess, and the characters do little to make you care about them.

Pipe C (nl) wrote: Buena y original, sobretodo entretenida, pero los efectos, porfavor! que asco! muy mal hechos

Allan C (mx) wrote: Want to see Coolio as a space vampire? Then this is the movie for you! In the year 3000, a crew piloting a ship in deep space comes across an abandoned spaceship that only contains Count Dracula (get it, just the the abandoned ship dropping anchor off the coast of England in Stoker's novel). The film then becomes yet another retread of "Alien" but substituting Dracula for the alien, which had already been done before this film by the Leprechaun films, the Hellraiser franchise, Friday the 13th, and even the Critters. Not at all original, but I did enjoy Tiny Lister fighting the count, a bit part with the always entertaining Udo Kier, and the casting of my 90s crush, the original Baywatch babe, Erika Eleniak. Oh, and the hero of the film is the generic hero of "Starship Troopers," Casper Van Dien. Overall, meh.

Robert M (mx) wrote: Lara Croft punches a shark in the face and rides it to the surface. If you keep watching after that you'll be able to see Djimon Hounsou wasted in an early role.

bob l (au) wrote: Some very cool action sequences and stunts. Good soundtrack fits the action.

August M (us) wrote: It has been a long time since a movie effected me in such an emotional way. What's more, it didn't make me emotional during the film but hours later. As I mulled over the film the full emotional weight of what I'd just watched hit me. This is Cassavetes most confounding work but it also may be his most emotional. As always, Rowlands and himself give masterful performances as two emotionally wounded siblings who find themselves in major crises. Cassavetes doesn't let us even know they are siblings until Rowlands' Sarah has been with Cassavetes for some time. Plus, by films end, I'm not sure if either were in a better or clearer place. Still, Love Streams is about the action. It's about the things we do, sometimes desperate, for love and for the ones we love. In that instance, it's a classic Cassavetes film and a classic Cassavetes theme. "Do you believe love is a constant stream?"

Mikel B (kr) wrote: "Just when you thought it was safe to buy this movie..."

Ranea L (kr) wrote: Love it!! Again, it's from my era, the music, the clothes. Just fun to watch.

JamesMasaki R (gb) wrote: It probably would have worked better as a "Hitchcock Presents" episode than a full length movie, dragging in parts that you wish would get on with it faster. "Panic Room" this isn't, although there are some scenes that are intensely great with shock and violence. And a great title sequence, even though it is a total rip-off of Saul Bass.

Thomas P (jp) wrote: Intuitive, destructive, political, passionate. These are all words that describe Man with a Movie Camera, a film of great depths.

Felipe F (ca) wrote: Although definitely flawed, Danny Collins has a powerful true story background and boasts remarkable performances from its top notch cast - led by a stunning Al Pacino on the title role.

Michael V (au) wrote: Although it's a common action/thriller movie with lots of shootings its the actual theme of the movie that makes it worth watching. Child prostitution. And while watching this I couldn't help compare this to Taken. Pretty much take everything about Taken and bump the action and nudity up to a rated R level and through in some Buddhist spirituality and you get this. The action is quite solid and enjoyable and thankfully goes with real blood versus CGI blood. Kevin Bacon is fun as a quick wit Brit gun runner and I've always enjoyed Djimon Hounsou. Very talented actor with a very powerful face.

Jason M (jp) wrote: An odd project for Sandler and it doesn't work.

Phoenix B (kr) wrote: This movie is extremely impressive, Woodley is stunning and in a way it reminds me of the sixth sense- fantastic!

Karsh D (us) wrote: a self taught maths prodigy moves from India to Cambridge and finds answers to previously impossible equations