Filmmaker Martin Scorsese interviews his mother and father about their life in New York and family history back in Sicily.

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese interviews his mother and father about their life in New York and the family history back in Sicily. These are two people who have lived together for a long time ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael G (mx) wrote: I Adore this film. Though sometimes it does fall into the top cat category which is mixing cgi with handrawn animation. The characters are fun and goofy. The story is good and the songs are masterpieces. Definitely check this one out 9/10

wedstarfish 8 (kr) wrote: Child's Play stands down as the very first installment in the horror movie franchise that spawned additional media and 5 sequels that centers around a doll that is cursed by a serial killer and goes around murdering people. Odd but simple, it's a fun horror film.

Ivy H (it) wrote: A well centered and lovable cast with a predictable but none the less charming ending.

Geoff J (it) wrote: Not enough scares or thrills, not one of my better DTV buys....

David L (es) wrote: With very good imagery and special effects, an interesting story and an excellent twist, terrific acting, strong characterization and so well utilized characters, Iron Man 3 has absolutely mediocre villains and some of its action was dull and overlong, but it is mostly very satisfying and quite underrated and is the most human and probably the most tonally serious Marvel movie yet and it is a worthy third entry in this trilogy.

stuart L (es) wrote: Not as good as the first two but still good

Aeem H (nl) wrote: This film is terrible, I will not mince my words about, while there were some interesting visuals, the directing was generally awful, the script became preposterous which led to it's quite frankly preposterous twist ending, and the acting all round was not particularly noteworthy. One to watch on late night television if there's nothing on, and one for Jim Carrey fans only.

Ben H (ca) wrote: A little different from your average horror movie as this time it's aliens who are attacking. A reasonable storyline and acting, but this was never likely to be more than B grade

Gideon S (ag) wrote: This movie kept me interested until the last twenty minutes because the ending was entirely predictable. The ending sucked so much that it ruined the entire movie. Dont waste your time with such garbage.

Kevin R (ag) wrote: I'm going to kill the bitch.An ex-husband that is an author and adult teacher meets a man that takes care of his mother, struggles with writing, and is sick of being belittled by his mother. One night at the bar they discuss their problems and taking care of each other's arch nemesis. The student goes through and kills the teacher's ex-wife, leaving the teacher to come through on his end..."Go bury him in the yard before he stinks up the place."Danny DeVito, director of Hoffa, The War of the Roses, Matilda, Duplex, Death of Smoochy, Queen B, The Ratings Games, and episodes from the television series Taxi, delivers Throw Mama from the Train. The storyline for this picture is average but fun and appropriate for the comedic genre. The acting is okay but appropriate for the content and the cast includes Danny DeVito, Billy Crystal, Rob Reiner, Kim Greist, and Anne Ramsey."She's not a woman. She's the terminator." I came across this on HBOGO and had not seen it for a long time so I watched it again. This had a couple funny sequences and I enjoyed the character interaction. This is far from a classic or an all time great, but this is definitely worth a viewing and your time."I'm being held captive by a little troll."Grade: C+

Kenneth B (ag) wrote: This is a bit more plodding than much of Argento's work. It's particularly evident watching it straight after The Bird With the Crystal Plumage, the film this followed, which was better paced, the set pieces were more memorable and had a more interesting premise. Still this isn't without merit, though it probably isn't the ideal Argento starting point.

Carlos M (es) wrote: The darker tone is consistent with the German original tale but it is hard to overlook the problems in this adaptation: the dwarfs totally wasted, a pathetic love triangle that rivals that of Twilight, Bella Swan rapidly turning into a warrior as soon as required by the script, and so on.

Matthew C (us) wrote: Don't let the dark subject matter fool you. This adaptation of the bestselling book of the same name is less Anne Frank and more Jakob the Liar. Overly schmaltzy, filled with distracting, faux German accents, and staring a little girl whose performance largely forgoes realism in favor of Shirley Temple charm and cuteness. While not providing a subtle performance by any means, Geoffrey Rush is mostly responsible for this film's watchability. The WWII-era drama does, however, sport an instrumental score by John Williams. Can't go wrong there.

Kace C (es) wrote: The Right Kind of Wrong [Canada, 2014] Nothing special ? just what I needed exactly. 4/10