Devgan's village simpleton agrees to escort to the city Khanna's charming village belle unaware that he is delivering her only to be exploited by a corrupt landowner.

Wealthy, powerful, and influential Thakur Digvijay Singh and beautiful Naina are bethrothed and are to be married soon. But Naina has fallen in love with the son, Karan, of Thakur's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Itihaas torrent reviews

Ben H (gb) wrote: After 10 yrs of marriage, an honest lawyer trying to run for mayor while his wife chasing her teenage dream to be a singer/dancer.

William B (es) wrote: A great, intentional B-movie with star power. Lots of laughs for sci-fi fans

Tony D (mx) wrote: Diane Kruger was a little too pretty for the grittiness of the times. The acting was pretty good and the music great. The story is kind of choppy, but worth seeing and especially worth listening.

Zach M (fr) wrote: probably the worst movie i've ever seen

Steph M (au) wrote: I absolutely love this movie.

Queen Sweetheart I (es) wrote: It was real I liked it...

Tammy G (ag) wrote: This movie will engage your senses, intellect, emotions, and likely your spirit as well. It is packed with sounds that evoke both panic and peace. The images portray horror and harmony. Detailed information, strong warnings, and hopeful ideas are conveyed by a broad range of interviewees that some might classify as hippies, teachers, intellectuals, spiritual advisors, business moguls, and tree huggers, to name just a few. Many cultures are represented as well. The viewer is left with the question: Will you be part of the collapse or the creation of a healthier earth?

joyce j (nl) wrote: lorenz tate showed a side of frankie lymon that we never got to see. vivica a. fox was again a treat to watchthe musical numbers were good. halle barry did a good job also. its worth seeing

Bill B (kr) wrote: Clearing the palate from the horror viewing of October of 2015, I gave this a first time watch since it hit video and I enjoyed it pretty well, curious to see if it grows on me with repeated viewings. The overall vibe is back to that of the original trilogy of films, due in no small part to the return of Bryan Singer as director.Rental!