It's Complicated

It's Complicated

Ten years after their divorce, Jane and Jake Adler unite for their son's college graduation and unexpectedly end up sleeping together. But Jake is married, and Jane is embarking on a new romance with her architect. Now, she has to sort out her life – just when she thought she had it all figured out.

Jane (Meryl Streep), a successful restaurateur, has been divorced from Jake (Alec Baldwin) for many years, although they remain friends. When attending their son's college graduation, the couple reignite the spark in their relationship. But it's complicated, cus he has been already remarried. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lora R (nl) wrote: Nice movie and watchable. Dhanush gives a good performance and the story has some meaning too.

Josh M (jp) wrote: Funny at times, but also somewhat annoying and stale. Basically, it is a long drawn out argument that has some laughs, but seems never ending.

Martin G (fr) wrote: Low budget b movie horror. With lance and tony todd in this i knew what to expect but the acting was terrible. only gave it 3 star cause of the gore and thought the acting was laughable.

Dave H (es) wrote: Just saw the preview, it looks hilarious.

Philip S (mx) wrote: Wow. What a journey! I saw this on TV the other night, and the sequel last night. I expected this to be awful, but I was definitely surprised. Wasn't half bad at all. Good action sequences, lotsa hot lead, and explosions. But yeah, it's lucky i'm not lactose intolerant because I'm sure the end would have killed me.

Jo L (es) wrote: An American engineer' moves his family to Brazil so he can help build a dam that will decimate the land of Amazonian tribe, who then kidnaps the son. The "Invisible People" believes they are rescuing the son from "The Termite People" and all that entails. He returns to his family wearing a loin cloth and brandishing a spear. I've seen it twice. God is a Brazilian.

Robin W (jp) wrote: This Roger Corman cheapie is yet another example of a film featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000 that doesn't seem bad at all for a good chunk of its running length and makes one wonder why they chose to feature it on the show... but when the monster finally makes an appearance, that question is answered! This does a pretty good job of building up tension for awhile, moves at a quick pace, and features strong acting from Peter Graves and Lee Van Cleef; it probably would have wound up as a pretty solid B-movie if the eventual reveal of the monster wasn't such a laugh riot. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), the alien resembles an angry giant cucumber with arms and its idea of conquering the world appears to be hugging people to death. Still, the movie does look like a masterpiece compared to its remake ten years later: "Zontar, The Thing From Venus".

David W (mx) wrote: Turds From Space! This movie stunk. Some of the stuff was lame yet funny/campy in a good way, but most of it was the bad lame. Don't let the cover mislead you either, it's not a monster movie. It's a fight against a poorly drawn superheated planet...

Steve S (kr) wrote: *** (out of four) A well made, but dated adaption of the stage play. It isn't a bad movie, but is far from a gret one. Nice performances from everyone, but something is missing. William Holden plays a drifter who lands himself in a small midwestern twon in hops of getting a job with an old friend. He falls for the friends beauty queen girlfriend (Kim Novak). There's a nice feel to the film, but its syrupy production hurts it.

Kevin R (us) wrote: I'm not Seabiscuit.Sam is a sports writer and Tess is a political writer for the same news paper. They decide to go to lunch one day, fall in love, and they eventually get married. Their relationship is strained by Tess's fast paced lifestyle and disregard for their relationship. Can Sam and Tess stay together or will their marriage end in a bitter divorce?"This time I want to be a prize myself."George Stevens, director of Shane, Giant, A Place in the Sun, Penny Serenade, Vivacious Lady, Laddie, The More the Merrier, and The Only Game in Town, delivers Woman of the Year. The storyline for this picture is a bit scattered but the characters are very interesting and well portrayed. The cast delivers excellent performances and includes Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Reginald Owen, William Bendix, Roscoe Karns."Our paper sends two men to cover this one game?"I DVR'd this picture off Turner Classic Movies (TCM) because it starred Spencer Tracy. He looked so young in this movie and his every interaction with Katherine Hepburn was perfect. This film is a rollercoaster that is delivered very well. I strongly recommend seeing this film if you're a fan of the classics."As a substitution he won't do."Grade: A-

Calum J (us) wrote: The graphic novel word for word

Simon D (gb) wrote: Quite a funny film with a plethora of cameos. These two are cult characters personified, you either love em or you hate em.

Mandy S (es) wrote: This was good but not as good as the first one:)

scott s (ca) wrote: If Eli Roth and Seymour Butts got together to remake "Toy Story" about food, that would be "Sausage Party."