After the critical lambasting of his masterpiece Earth, Dovzhenko returned with a more popular iteration of its main motifs. Much like Earth, Ivan concerns itself with the natural rhythms of country life, disrupted by the beat of looming industrialisation.

After the critical lambasting of his masterpiece Earth, Dovzhenko returned with a more popular iteration of its main motifs. Much like Earth, Ivan concerns itself with the natural rhythms of country life, disrupted by the beat of looming industrialisation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean L (us) wrote: One of several niche-nuzzled documentaries to arrive within a very short period of time. Like "The King of Kong," Ecstasy of Order dedicates itself to an intensely-competitive corner of the video game world, albeit one without as polarizing a figure as Kong's infamous villain, Billy Mitchell. With no exception, each Tetris mega-mind to share this spotlight seems refreshingly earnest, friendly and down-to-Earth. These are guys and girls I wouldn't mind sharing a few beers with over a sticky NES control pad, and it's tough not to sit back, smile, and revel in the moment when they all get together for the very first time, several world records change hands and a spontaneous game of Texas Hold 'Em breaks out. In some ways, I think that's a symptom of the broadly different approaches of the two games: where Donkey Kong is about fire, death and imposition, Tetris is more in line with a timed jigsaw puzzle. It's quiet, inwardly-focused and nuanced, and thus so are its greatest players. Depending on the viewer's mentality, their ultimate enjoyment of the two films may vary appropriately. Sprinkled with a set of widely-varied contenders, more than its share of mysterious intrigue and the pointed quest to crown the world's best player in a first-ever champion's tournament, this is a startlingly arresting subject and a dense display of cerebral gamesmanship. Well worth watching.

Gordon H (it) wrote: A Fun, Worthy Sequel!Originally Written December 7, 2013--Everything you loved about the original film is also right here in the sequel! Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, and Brian Cox are all back again and they are terrific. The only thing I didn't like about the film is the way things were a little too predictable. But it was fun -- and in a movie like this, that's all that matters!

Scott A (es) wrote: I had never seen any of the sequels, despite really enjoying the original Bring It On film, and I only started with this one cause I just think Ashley Benson is a total cutie.And yes, seeing her in high cut jeans and a variety of sexy tops is fun, the film is pretty dopey. There is nothing new or original, and it pretty much finds a spot for every cliched plot line and character it can.Apparently setting the film on the Universal Studios was their grand idea, so much of the park is featured in the film...including just a stupid scene in which two young lovers somehow take a nightly stroll on the dock on the JAWS ride? I must add that this ride is now gone from all their parks, so leaves the film dated...plus the fact all the kids have flipper cellphones!!!I did like the lead girls, and the Tisdale sister basically steals all the scenes she's on...but why did the more famous Ashley Tisdale show up just to sing her first hit over the end credits? That seemed a pointless cameo.And all the West Side Story stuff was kind of stupid. A Cheer rumble?The film was never boring, but it lacked the better acting and charm of the original.

neel p (de) wrote: The Tooth Fairy wasn't half as bad as I thought. It had a fun (yet used) plot with bad acting, a terrible script, a good mystery, good gore, and really fun scenes. But this movie is not for everybody.

Deb K (ru) wrote: More drama, thriller, and suspense than actual horror, There are some nice surprises in this one, and it doesn't rely on blood and gore alone to scare you.

Carl M Z (ag) wrote: "THE VALET" ("Doublure, La," 2006, in French with English subtitles)... B A top notch cast rounds out this brioche, this pastiche, of a French cinematic pastry. Gad Elmaleh is well cast as Franois Pignon, a French slacker whose needs are so minimal that he gets by just fine as a car jockey for the patrons of a wealthy Parisian hotel. He is an honest and a simple soul, just the sort of bloke that a rich industrialist could use as a shield when he is caught in a compromising position. Daniel Auteuil, one of France's most prolific actors, plays the other lead as Pierre Levasseur, that wealthy French industrialist. Auteuil has appeared in a number of recent French imports including "Cach" and "The Widow of Saint-Pierre." Most of the roles that I have seen him play are those of a tightly wound man who prefers to live in a world that is well-ordered with disorder and chaos kept far away. Needless to say, that well-ordered world collapses into chaos for one reason or another, just as it does in this movie for Levasseur. The joy of this movie is in seeing Levasseur, an arrogant, rich jerk, get his comeuppance. Auteuil is perfect for articulating the role of a man who is caught with his pants down, to use a figure of speech, and then he flounders into a trap set by others, all the while feeling that he is still in control of the situation. He has devised this trap to draw them into his web of deceit, but he finds out to his chagrin that he is not the spider but rather the fly on the menu. This high-powered corporate executive has spent his professional life manipulating the lives of his employees, only to find out now that he has to dance to a tune played by others. In short, the manipulator becomes the manipulated. It is all quite delicious as we watch Levasseur blink and twitch with nervous tension with his beady little eyes darting back and forth looking for an escape hatch. A paparazzi catches him walking arm in arm on a Parisian side street with his much younger mistress. The girl on his arm just happens to be Elena Simonsen (Alice Taglioni), one of France's most famous supermodels. His wife, Christine Levasseur (Kristin Scott Thomas), is not pleased when their picture shows up in the tabloids the next morning. I was surprised to see the English actress, Kristin Scott Thomas, starring in this film. She speaks what appears to be flawless French, and I understand that she is fluent in three languages. Pierre, grasping at straws, claims that Elena was really walking with the other man, the one with the blurred image in the background of the photo. It is all preposterous, of course, and nobody believes him, least of all his wife, who is much to smart for all this. Nonetheless, he must now go through with this charade, so he hatches a deal with his shady lawyer to dig up the young man and persuade him to act out the role of the lover to this supermodel. His mistress, Elena, wants him to divorce his wife, something that he has been promising her he will do for some time. In reality, however, Pierre is just a lying snake and he has no such intentions. Besides, he can't divorce his wife since she has a controlling interest in his company, and he has no interest in giving up the perks of his powerful position. Franois Pignon makes the perfect foil. He is a loyal son and his parents dote on him. His elderly dad has health problems, and the doctor (Michael Aumont), who still makes house calls, is such a hypochondriac that he usually ends up being the patient lying in the master bed with Franois' dad ministering to his needs. Fortunately, they are long time friends, so everyone understands the routine. The families are so close that the parents readily assume that their Franois will soon marry Emilie (Virginie Ledoven), the lovely daughter of the doctor. The two have been together for years, and Franois has just purchased a small diamond engagement ring. He proudly shows the ring to Richard (Dany Boon), his best friend and the guy who shares his flat. Boon is wonderful here as Richard, another slacker car jockey at the same hotel. However, rather than being overjoyed for his best friend, Richard is horrified, for he sees this as a signal that he will have to move out of the apartment in favor of Elena, and he has nowhere else to go. Richard needn't have worried. Emilie considers Franois only to be a dear friend. She is not in love with him, and she hardly considers him to be marriage material. Franois is crushed, and it is at this precise moment that Pierre's lawyer proposes to him that he actually be paid to squire around a beautiful supermodel. 85 minutes and rated PG-13 for sexual content and language.

Katie H (au) wrote: HILARIOUS... cried... the whole thing lol

Mark P (es) wrote: Loved it thank god .. I thought I would end up that way ... Didn't

Matthew L (ag) wrote: This movie is a plethora of 80's actors including a nude Jobeth Williams and just off the Karate Kid movies Macchio minus Morgan Freeman and has the storyline to match. It is full of some pretty good acting and not a bad script. It actually shows some good acting by Nick Nolte and surprisingly the late Richard Mulligan. It probably never went anywhere because the script matches a lot of other 80's movies of the time. Not a bad soundtrack either. Pre Back to the Future Crispin Glover is a nice touch in this.

Blue F (ru) wrote: Liked it! Very gorgeous animation, with attention and research into animating the birds! Made the story more believable.

Charlie F (jp) wrote: Very well done, but kind of depressing.