Ivan Megharoopan

Ivan Megharoopan

Bollywood 2012.

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Steve W (nl) wrote: Ondine is a fairy tale romance film with a lot of heart. The movie never gets sappy and is nice and realistic, for a nice blend of romance and angst. The lines between fantasy and reality collide for a well balanced film from director Niel Jordan.

Christine C (gb) wrote: Sucky because no [[poster avaible

Michael A (br) wrote: Tries to be funnier than it really is..the whole president assination plot while humours at times doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the movie

Peter F (de) wrote: Kinda disappointing. The ending was a let down, and most of the material was done in the TV series already. Simply phenomenol animation makes it worth seeing though.

Brandon S (de) wrote: Indonesian insanity strikes again in this cult flick that has some nice special effects and enough bad acting and horrible scripting to make you laugh the whole time. After a car accident a severed arm spills blood on a locket that awakens the queen of darkness. Meanwhile a woman is trying to celebrate her anniversary when her husband starts to beat and rape her, so she flees to Bali to forget troubles unfortunately her sister lives right where the car accident took place. Bad, bad, bad movie but so bad it's good, and loaded with more big breasted bimbos than a Russ Meyer film.

Scott M (mx) wrote: Boring relic of the breakdancing craze. Watch for a laugh.

Kathy K (es) wrote: What the synopsis fails to mention is that Champion's horse, Aldaniti (who plays himself in the movie) also suffers a potentially career ending injury and must recover from that while Bob Champion is dealing with his cancer and the treatments.

Ben G (it) wrote: So much better than Top Gun!!!

Jerry T (fr) wrote: Tasteless attempt at sketch comedy that the somewhat A list cast could not pull off.

Jason S (de) wrote: Poor effects and action with a messy story and poor acting lead to a poor film.

Justin A (ag) wrote: Not too bad with a surprising amount of action near the end, but it's a fairly generic exploitation movie.