Ivan the Incredible

Ivan the Incredible

Poor Ivan Olsen is plagued by problems bullied at school and constantly pursued by a gang whose greatest pleasure is filling his pants with water. And when Ivan gets home, his dad doesn't have much sympathy for him either because he is crazy about Tarzan and fails to appreciate Ivan's finer qualities. But one day Ivan gets the chance to live up all of his dad's expectations and give the bullies at school a lesson they will never forget. The big question is whether having superpowers makes life any easier?

Ivan the Incredible (2012) is an animation, comedy, family film directed by Michael Hegner. The film revolves around a young boy's luck. He changes when he finds a magic potion that makes him "the best at everything" for one single day. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rameshwar N (jp) wrote: Sridevi just made me realize why the entire nation was mesmerized with her in the 80s-90s. Now she is back with a bang after a 15 year hiatus delivering another masterful performance carrying the entire movie on her shoulders with such grace, charisma and a terrific sense of humor. What the movie suffers from bloated runtime, occasional indulgences to mainstream comedy, some stereotypical characters and an undying resolute to repeatedly show the protagonists misgivings more than makes up with many subtle heartfelt moments. Shashi (Sridevi) is a simple Indian housewife happily married with 2 children in an upper-middle class family. She is loving and caring but she does not seem to get the respect she deserves primarily due to her inability to converse in English. When her sister invites Shashi to New York to help with her daughter's wedding, she gets nervous about traveling alone ahead of her family. With a little inspiration she receives from her fellow passenger, she secretly enrolls in a English speaking class. Though Sridevi hogs all the limelight, rest of the cast apart from a few forced in for stereotypes delivers a brilliant performance. The writer-director has done what is rare in Hindi film industry, art of being subtle (well mostly when mattered). Also she seem to have a talent in extracting those delicate masterful nuances from Sridevi which uplifts the movie entirely. The background score though does not feature the song and dance routine is mainstream and decent. Little overdone but delicious nevertheless.

Niklas S (fr) wrote: This movie is crazy. I never knew that redheads had it this hard.

Noname (br) wrote: Not as interested and excited as the plot seemed like. Quite slow and boring with something missing i felt through the movie. Could have been alot better.. Others may find more value in it tho then me..

Rogerinho S (au) wrote: Adequate, watchable, passed some time........nudity.

Neet A (nl) wrote: its so funny and so emotional...i watched it like zillions of times. its awsome...

Luke B (de) wrote: This movie is really passionate for the Confederate(anti-US, slaveowners) side of the war. It also forgets Stephen Lang's role in the last movie and makes him the anti-Spartacus, insane father Stonewall Jackson. Too bad Martin Sheen couldn't come back, but I don't see how much better can Robert Duvall do here. Don't expect to see anyone familiar from Gettysburg apart from the Chamberlain Bros. I don't see how the dvd is marked "Special Extended Edition" and over two discs when it is only the standard version. If you need something to learn about the war, go to Virginia, because this movie tells little if anything.

Wahida K (it) wrote: Reminds me of Ghost Ship unlike Ghost Ship this is alot better I must admit.

PierLuigi F (ru) wrote: Fantastic (and stressing) romance story. Something that leaves you disappointed but happy to watch again, just to try to understand what's behind the drama in the characters psychology. An amazing Daniel Auteuil performance. I was really pi**ed off watching this movie but I really liked it

Harry W (fr) wrote: Dead Calm starts with an intense atmosphere and a realistic yet shocking portrayal of a child's death, so the its likely that audience will immediately become shaken up.And since Dead Calm is limited to a primary cast of 3 actors, it's fairly obvious that the story has to be a character oriented one, and luckily the film is perfectly cast.Dead Calm is helmed all the way to the end thanks solely to the work of cast members, whose performances combined with the skilled direction of Phillip Noyce ensure that Dead Calm is a simple and scary thrill ride from start to finish, even with it's kind of predictable.But along with real thrills from the thrilling atmosphere and the setting of being trapped out at an empty sea, the acting of the limited cast in Dead Calm is excellent.Sam Neill's look in his eyes alone is a determined one and it immediately characterises him as an complex protagonist facing an unsure future and dealing with situations merely on instinct, and his performance maintains this feel throughout all the dynamics of Dead Calm so it's a good lead to behold.And in her breakthrough performance, a pre-plastic surgery Nicole Kidman gives a great performance, capturing the heart of a fear ridden mother in grievance with emotional intensity and Australian charm, and its quite a thing to behold because she'd be unrecognisable by today's standards.Lastly, much of the intensity in the story draws straight from Billy Zane's performance which is never in balance with a single theme so there's constantly a fearful uncertainty surrounding his character, and it's one of Billy Zane's finest performances. His character was just an absolute maniac.So Dead Calm is a well crafted Australian thriller anchored by good performances and an intense atmosphere out at sea.

Matthew D (gb) wrote: So adorable it borders on ridiculous. Every child in this is mesmerizing, especially Jodie Foster, who even then, had that small dose of "diva-ness" that drives every picture she stars in.

Mike T (jp) wrote: A chaotic but thrilling collage of semi-formed ideas. There are as many moments of inspired acting as there are moments of miscalculation and confusion. Visually wild and very different from most of Kazan's other work.

Mickey F (es) wrote: One of Gable's best performances, and he's matched by both Pidgeon and Johnson. An all-male cast in this look at the leadership behind the daylight bombing runs over Germany. An outstanding tale that was overshadowed by TWELVE O'CLOCK HIGH.

Rodney R (au) wrote: A great comedy, but those who believe probably won't like it much. LOL

Leon B (fr) wrote: Review:The director really tried to make a clever Ocean's Eleven type movie about a group of friends who still paintings, but I didnt know what the hell was going on half of the time. When the story comes together at the end, it is pretty cleverly put together, but for some unknown reason, it just didn't gel together that well. The characters were lacking chemistry and the movie seemed to jump right in at the deep end so you don't get any depth about the individual criminals. On the plus side, it was good to see Kurt Russell back on the big screen with Matt Dillion and Terence Stamp but the storyline needed some work. Personally I think that the whole heist aspect was achieved way to easy, even with the police on there behind from beginning to end, but its way too confusing and it could have been more witty. Average!Round-Up:Were has Kurt Russell been? The last time that I saw him on the big screen was back in 2007 in the weird Death Proof by Quentin Tarintino, we're he was driving around, killing people in his car, until he meets his match with a be bunch of girls who don't take any crap. Anyway, I've always liked his quirky acting style from the Big Trouble In Little China days but he seems to have slowed down in the latter part of his career. Terence Stamp was a weird choice by the director for the ex criminal who helps the law take down the criminals, but he brings a sense of professionalism to the film. His annoying sidekick just won't shut up throughout the movie but I enjoyed the banter with Stamp. Matt Dillion plays the money hungry brother-in-law who gets his comeuppance in the end and Jay Baruchel plays his usual whining sidekick role which I have seen him play many times before. With all these personalities in the mix, the director really didn't use this actors that well because the script is sketchy and not pieced together that well.Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: $78,000 (Terrible!)I recommend this movie to people who are into there heist comedies about a group of criminals stealing paintings. 3/10