Ivan Veramaathiri

Ivan Veramaathiri

A young vigilante takes on a rowdy and suffers the consequences.

A young vigilante takes on a rowdy and suffers the consequences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tommy M (br) wrote: Great cast/acting, stunning scenery/backdrops, cool soundtrack that got my feet tapping. I like how you let the motorcycle riding tell a story too! Most films skip those moments out and just jump to a scene of a guy getting off a motorcycle, yet you let us see them riding with beautiful scenery all around them. Those scenes reminded me of Easy Rider and that is a great thing. Good choice on the bikes too! Cash would be a blast to hangout with, how much trouble could you get into with that guy, hey? :) Good job!

Valerie J (gb) wrote: Rich and moving, I especially enjoy the relationship between Ms. Merkerson's character and Terrence Howard an unlikely hero.

Jay B (it) wrote: Pretty sure that NOTHING happened this entire movie... although I did watch most of it on fast forward to ease my boredom. Every bit of drama here is petty and can be chalked up to stupid teen girl BS. Funny, too, how she clearly aged more than 4 years from the opening scene at his acceptance speech, yet during the film her president father is running for re-election. How many terms does Beetleguise get? And why the fuck was this directed by Forrest Whitaker? Only watch this if you happen to be put of NyQuil.

Jared R (it) wrote: Not really sure why I like this movie, maybe because I was 10 years old when I first watched it. I watched this recently for the first time in years. I remembered it about the same way, it really isnt that bad. The RT rating is much lower than mine though. You already know the storyline before you watch it(like most thrillers), but it sucks you in for some reason. Im sure people will disagree with me, but I enjoyed it none the less.

Christopher M (es) wrote: Better than Boyz in the Hood and Menace 2 Society.

Jason P (fr) wrote: loved it. I laughed several times throughout this movie. Very good Nicholson.

Eliabeth N (kr) wrote: Not a bad film but not that great either. It had the odd funny moment, but not enough to turn this film into anything other than an average movie. I also didn't like Cary Grant's character, which didn't help make the film any more appealing. I found him selfish, rather sexist and irrisponsible. Overall it is watchable, but if you're looking for a great Cary Grant comedy than you're better off looking somewhere else.

Arjun A (de) wrote: Interesting but also incomplete.