Update on Leo Tolstoy's "The Death of Ivan Ilyich," set in contemporary Hollywood.

Update on Leo Tolstoy's "The Death of Ivan Ilyich," set in contemporary Hollywood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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K N (de) wrote: Mel great as usual. Great film, filmed in a real prison, ex-prison that is, in Mexico.

Tahlia D (br) wrote: This is Jackson Rathbone's best performance by far in this superb psychological thriller about a mentally unstable student by the name of Quaid and the twisted journey he takes himself and two other students, Stephen and Cheryl, to discover the true meaning of fear.


Joe L (us) wrote: Decent movie 2 watch but pretty much like Twister

Caleb M (ag) wrote: A tense and moving portrait of life in Auschwitz as a Sonderkomando. Every moment feels as though violence could break out at any moment; this film does not take violence or weapons lightly, and each gunshot rips through the soundtrack and characters' thoughts, letting us know any one of them could be gone in an instant. Nelson has an impressive talent for directing actors, and his ensemble here is outstanding. Most English-spoken films (they tend to be WWII films) featuring characters who speak other languages tend to falter when it comes to the spoken word. Some actors choose to use an accent, while others don't, some try but fail. Some films decide to give all their characters (including Nazis) English accents, which leads to confusion and just makes for a distracting soundtrack (both 2002's MAX and 2008's THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS are good examples of accents done wrong). Here though, only Keitel speaks with any discernible accent (German), which suits the film, since he is the only Nazi character with a speaking role of significance. The film is in English as well, and a very modern English, riddled with profanity that is very anachronistic for the time period, but brings a modern sense of fast-paced danger, fear, and anger to the performances and dialog.

Fiona A (it) wrote: Apart from anything else, this film is a visual feast. Particularly during the love scene when the camera cuts to the trapeze artists-beautifully choreographed and conceived. The story is tender and touches on some of the issues faced by conservative Christians in relation to gay folk. I found this film resonated greatly for me personally and maybe that's why I've given it five stars. Taking that into account, I'd still give it at least four!

Pamela D (au) wrote: WHAT THE FUH........?

Knox M (au) wrote: I'm going to be a bit controversial and say that Kubrick's PATHS OF GLORY is not a masterpiece but only a good film.

Cody K (fr) wrote: Along with some great scenes, Ikiru is overrun with cheesy moments, cringeworthy overracting, pointless roundabout conversations of on-the-nose dialogue, and is in desperate need of a re-cut.Overall, Ikiru is good, but flawed and disappointing.

Aj V (de) wrote: Another Dracula movie, in this one the count moves to NY. It is pretty funny for the most part, but it's predictable. It could have been better.

Nick M (nl) wrote: One of Lon Chaney's best roles.

Chuck G (fr) wrote: Emotional Comedy Drama.

Frank N (nl) wrote: Sloppy, one-dimensional script is livened a little by the decent play of Wiig as a mousy, lonely woman.

Celeste (kr) wrote: i love frankie avalon hes soooooooooo cute!