Ivory Tower

Ivory Tower

The film revolves around a sibling rivalry between two brothers, Hershell and Thadeus Graves (played by Gonzales and Tiga, respectively), as they compete during a game of chess. Peaches plays Marsha Thirteen, a former performance artist and the shared love interest of both brothers.

Hershell & Thadeus, two chess-playing brothers and their unhealthy rivalry over both the chessboard and a woman. Hershell is a chess purist, the prodigal son, Thadeus a disciplined, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon R (fr) wrote: Terrible film. Expected it to be more raunchy.

John M (gb) wrote: Shoulda seen the end coming from a mile away, but I didnt which is probably why I kinda, in a small way, liked this.

Dann M (gb) wrote: Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths is a visionary and exciting adventure that's full of action. Lex Luthor from a parallel universe comes to enlist the aid of the Justice League in saving his world from their evil counterparts. The writing's pretty solid, and does a good job with character development and in using multiverse theory. William Baldwin, Mark Harmon, Gina Torres, and James Woods lend their voice talents and give fairly strong performances. The animation work is also quite impressive, and creates some interesting designs for the parallel universe counterpart characters. A smart and ambitious animated feature, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths delivers a fascinating look at the DC Universe.

Jay G (us) wrote: gotts to check this one yo

Don S (it) wrote: An average family movie. Helped that I am familiar with several actors (Stoner, Mendler, Grabeel) from the Disney Channel. The story is mildly interesting, but the device of breaking the fourth wall really didn't work here. It took away some of the pathos the situations could have engendered. Meh.

bill s (jp) wrote: Putrid,just bloody awful.

Eric H (ca) wrote: Backdraft has some of the most impressive fire scenes ever shot and some daring stunt work (three of the leads, Kurt Russell, Scott Glenn and William Baldwin, are actually billed as stuntmen), but unfortunately it's wrapped up in a trite two-brothers-at-each-other's-throats plot that keeps it from being anything more than a high-priced soap opera with burning buildings. And, it has to be said, it looks a lot less impressive on the small screen than it did on the big one. Despite the ostensibly impressive ensemble cast, some of the supporting performances are weak, with Jennifer Jason Leigh proving big time that she really can't play 'normal' while Donald Sutherland's Hannibal Firelighter is too Looney Tunes to convince even in his brief screen time, while Baldwin is a considerably less compelling leading man than Russell but gets the lion's share of the screen time anyway. The result is a modestly entertaining but entirely predictable studio picture that plays everything but the conflagrations safe. But it is DEFINITELY worth checking out. This movie has it all.

Adam G (it) wrote: I loved this movie! Isn't this supposed to get a certified rating??

Jack G (jp) wrote: A neon-post-apocalyptic movie! It does get a bit preachy mid-way through with some unnecessary commentary on Aussie-Immigrant Asian relations, but mostly it's just a fun exploitation flick that is VERY 80's, full of nice big tits, fun car chases and crashes, random fires, and did I mention 80's!! The ending is fuckin bad-ass as well. A fitting tribute to the drive-in movie experience, so to speak.

Braden J (fr) wrote: I loved this when I was a kid. I bought it on the discount rack at the store thinking I would feel the same. Lets just say that it was a half ass attempt at being some sort of Indiana Jones.

Amreen G (ca) wrote: loved anil and madz..... rahman rocks it with the songs.

Hannah H (gb) wrote: great character development of the starving artists of 50's greenwich. love the theatrical direction.

Shaun B (br) wrote: One of many Roger Corman quickies...this time it's marketed as a horror film but it's more of a PG rated comedy with one of the worst looking monsters of all time. It's all very silly and tongue in cheek with little money spent on cheap sets, bad actors and the rest on the monster makeup. Nothing much to see here.

Kenny V (nl) wrote: To quote Gnost, "Delirious mixture of romance and melodrama, with gorgeous location shooting."

Sarfara A (ag) wrote: She Done Him Wrong is short and beautiful film, however it was missing to keep tempo of entertainment going straight throughout the film. Simply, near the end of the film (it was my assumption), that film could have been way better than it was made. Cary Grant is charming in this one of his early films, with Mae West portraying her role with enthusiasm, she sends enchanting feeling when she walks and talks. It may fail to win audience nevertheless film bears joyful near-ending with bit of mystery.

Dandy L (jp) wrote: Quite possibly the worst script ever written, and a living testament to bad ideas everywhere. You know those movies you watch because they are bad but in a fun way so it feels ok to enjoy them? This is not that kind of film, its just bad. Aside from the fact the film embarks with a ball achingly thin concept and then completely fails to deliver on any surprises, twists or even interesting theological questions; the acting was just damn awful. While watching I couldn't decide whether Bart Bronson, the actor playing Luke O'Brien, was simply taking the piss or just couldn't be fucked putting in the effort. I mean sure the script was terrible, but I thought any actor would at least try give it a little life. Instead Bart seemed to give a half arsed grin for every line he muttered. And yes muttered, take a speech class Bart. If this is what we should expect from Tim Chey in the future, then he really needs to wake up and take a lesson from this pile of cinematic rubbish. That being, if not even Malcolm McDowell's on screen charm can save your film, then it was fucked from the moment you put pen to paper. Final thought? This movie is going to be on Malcolm Mcdowell's resume forever, and that all the positive reviews for this film are from people involved in its production.

Sanjay T (kr) wrote: Vacation has its ups and downs!