Canuxploitation musical spy comedy.

The (french-)canadian first-rate spy have to fight with a chinese woman spy working for the nazis and in love with him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


IXE-13 torrent reviews

Carlos D (de) wrote: okay rotten tomatoes,this movie is way overrated by the critic on your website...it's a good,solid dramedy (I don't even get why some critics say it's hilarious...it is not) but it is a clever film about the improv scene in NY.very well made. worth watching if you are a comedy nerd....otherwise it's a pass.

Sean M (it) wrote: Please believe the audience rating (46%), not the Tomatometer (95%). Rather like last year's Under the Skin, this is a case of style over substance, with a feeling of total disengagement from the characters. It's very nicely shot, with some interesting, almost David Lynch-style discordant music, and the premise promises loads. But it just runs out of steam, like the writer got a "dose" himself halfway through. A nuclear half-life of about 5 minutes. Un peu merde, as they say.

Addison P (us) wrote: Extremely stupid, wasnt worth my time at all...

Octavian (nl) wrote: [Interested: cannot find.]

Aaron W (nl) wrote: Goliath may have been the worst overall film at Waterfront but this was the biggest waste of time. So full of itself; trying to be indie, edgy, shocking and in your face. Cramming itself full of politically charged issues and doing absolutely nothing new or interesting with them. It's just really, really bad.

Erica M (nl) wrote: Loved it! Edward norton has always been my favorite actor. He can play a crazy person so convincingly and always looks sexy! This movie reaffirmed my skepticism in people!! man, that was hard core GOOD! :))

Brock J (ca) wrote: I suppose this was a comedy film...

Kevin S (kr) wrote: A beautiful documentary of one of the greatest human achievements of the 20th century.

Bernard B (it) wrote: Ive seen all 5 episodes and just got number 6. They are all very very good. Very similar to Red Riding Trilogy except no Helen Mirren. I recommend them highly.

J M (ag) wrote: "Oh - Please" **** 1/4This Movie Got A Lot Of Air Time Back In The Early 90's On The Movie Channels (Hope Sasha Mitchell Got Syndication Royalties)& As A Martial Arts Buff I Watched It My Fair Share. The Rival Kick Boxer That David Sloan Is Up Against Is A Bad Brazilian Attitude Boxer That Looks Like A Swayze...(It Always Makes Me Laugh When David Jumps In The Ring)(After Martine Demolished An Underdog That David Was)(Coaching In An Expedition Fight. The Match Is About To)(Start Early But They Get Pulled Apart & Martine Starts To) (Snarl At David Ready To Get It On!)His Boss Frank Is A Mob Ridden Human Trafficking Gambling Gangster. He Knows That The Champ Looks Good In The Ring, But His Boy Looks Pretty Darn Good Too, & He's Gonna Give The Champ A Real Run For His Money. Feeling The Pressure By Other Prominent Mob Gamblers To Make A Bet For All That He Has Frank Is Determined To Do Anything Possible To Make Sure David Losses The Fight When He Gets In The Ring.For A Straight To Dvd B Movie Or As It Was Said Back Then, Straight To Video, This Martial Arts Film Was Pretty Decent. Sure It Had Scenes Were Some Of The Viewers Said..."Oh - Please"(Like The Water Fall Scene)("Ow -- My Words") (The Body & The Mind Don't Always Travel Together) But For A B Grade Movie Of This Style I Thought It Was Entertaining Enough To Keep It Playing A Few Times.~I Give This Film A B - (Bright) **** 1/4

Jrmie F (ru) wrote: It's a mix between Star wars and Star Trek with a touch of Planet of the apes. Worth the watch for the 70's style.

Doug C (kr) wrote: Interesting visuals.. the man can frame..or his cinematographer can, I'm not sure who does it.. but mostly just bad, corny, cliched.. yuck. Stick to Italy.

Priya P (ru) wrote: There seems to be a novelty within movies from the 1950's...one that captures your attention and affection regardless of the plot. Le Beau Serge was definitely one of those movies, which showcased the relationship between two friends and the emotions, guilt, and redemption shared between them. It evokes a sense of shared humanity and what makes it even better is the beautiful, charming city this movie is set in.

David S (fr) wrote: Another film noir by the great German director Fritz Lang, one that is often overlooked and shouldn't be. The plot has a clever intimal premise - Writer sets himself up to take murder rap to show the errors of circumstantial evidence - and proves to be very engrossing in its initial bleak twists of irony it throws at us, but the film begins to lose momentum as it approaches the midpoint. The surprise ending is clever yet for some reason strangely predictable (at least to me). A good and solid noir that should be released on DVD!

Trevor W (jp) wrote: Shockingly darker, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom handles its action sequences based on slightly less convenience than the first one, which makes them better. The entertainment runs its course fast, though, as the sequences are dragged out. Ford does a better acting job, which is good because the other two are horrifically annoying, especially the blatantly sexist role of Willie. Spielberg also starts the stakes high, forcing him to raise the stakes to absurd amounts.Maybe the third time's a charm.

Kellan W (es) wrote: A gimmick and nothing more.

Jessica Z (au) wrote: Lets just start this out with saying Vertical Limit is that type of movie where you actually want to see all the characters die. Literally the only time I really paid attention was when there were people hanging off the side of a cliff. The story line was just super confusing and half of the time you didn't even understand what was happening. Half of the scenes looked fake too! You can tell when something is actually filmed or just green screened. On the flip side though they did have some really good camera angles throughout the movie, so props to the camera men for adding some good parts. I would have to give this movie a 2 out of 5 rating. The action parts that were shown were not the best but definitely kept your attention. Other than that nothing really jumped out at you that would have you remembering this movie or calling it one of your favorites. If you like bad acting, a confusing story line and fake scenes, then this is most definitely the movie for you! Otherwise, I wouldn't waste your time watching it.

Kenneth B (jp) wrote: This was my second time watching Martyrs. The first time around I wasn't particularly moved, however with the remake having recently surfaced I figured it was worth revisiting the original. Martyrs is brutal but the violence isn't cartoonish as it is in films like Human Centipede and A Serbian Film. It is grounded in a very real setting, ultimately making this a gruelling experience but one with sufficient depth make it stay in the mind after the credits have rolled. For the right reasons too. It is a revenge story told primarily from the perspective of a survivor of severe childhood trauma, however the tone flips about midway through and takes some surprising turns. It all culminates with one of the most memorable final acts in modern horror.