Iyi aile çocugu

Iyi aile çocugu

Cemal has a twin brother who is mafia and his name is also Cemal even they are raised by different families sometimes they effect each other as behaviours, speech etc. Somehow their life starts to come together without their knowledge.

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Allan C (es) wrote: Watchable but confused. Trying to be too many different films. Teen film? Revenge flick? Horror? Comedy? Hard to say.

Zac S (us) wrote: Just a big rip off of Paranormal Activity with even less stuff happening and an incredibly unbelievable set that the actors work off of. The house has almost nothing in it, it's almost like one person lives there alone with the amount of stuff present instead of three people.

David F (mx) wrote: The truth is never easy to hear when it comes to anything government run. Clearly the socialist left will think this a piece of tripe as well as anyone would who believes that government is the answer. Government exist because the people allow them a portion of authority, not the other way around! People who are getting this mixed up should move back to England and start living under the rule of the king and let Americans keep ruling America.

Cam M (au) wrote: Made from pieces the cutting room's janitor saved.

Sandi S (us) wrote: Yuck. Already weird flick goes into bizarre and sexist direction when the toy soldiers 'reanimate' naked Barbies to bind & gag teenaged Kirsten Dunst. Distaseful!

Sterlin R (mx) wrote: A very awesome and underrated Arnold flick with loads of high scale action and entertainment. I totally recommend this!

Nick S (fr) wrote: Good flick, wish Seagal was in it longer!

Spencer F (jp) wrote: The muppets + professional pirates = masterpiece.

Shaun B (mx) wrote: This is one of those "WTF did I just watch" type of films. It's also Australian (which will help to explain a bit of the darkness, the twisted comedy, and, well...everything). It's deep and twisted yet manages to find humor and eventually something that we all strive for as human beings. Not recommended to anyone too squeamish on subject matter that involves incest and (fake) animal cruelty...but this movie is truly something else and is a rare breed that works on the visceral level. A film that will linger.

Matthew A (kr) wrote: My first Godard film. This may have changed my life. Delightful, beautiful, magnificent, masterpiece.

aaron w (de) wrote: This movie is sooo good. I had super high expectations and they were exceeded. This is a superb action flick brought many new fans to the franchise. And will always be one of my favorite movies. best action movie ever made. It's better and better each time you watch it. It made me cry of happiness!!!!

David M (gb) wrote: Based on a graphic novel (though I've only read the non-graphic version) by Neil Gaiman, I actually found this to be surprisingly faithful to its source. Having said that, it does veer off on its own tangent towards the end.I'm also not sure about Ricky Gervais role in the proceedings: felt he was shoe-horned in too much, just because of who he was. While I also know others who were, shall we say, less-than-impressed by the role Robert de Niro also played, I actually felt this was a good move on his part as it shows a less serious side to his chacacter.if you like 'Princess Bride' or 'Time Bandits', I think you'd like this.

Manolo P (kr) wrote: The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a revealing drama which alludes to the memories of adolescence where it is shown this transition from childhood to the next stage. The story is based on the novel by the writer and director Stephen Chbosky. The narration can be seen very close and can easily move their target audience, however, everything seems too generic.This adaptation of Chbosky repeatedly falls into the use of mainstream sentimentality that works so much in so many feature films. The unlimited clichs with which the film conforms give life to Charlie (Logan Lerman) who recently enters high school and who now faces different difficulties with himself when trying to fit in his new surroundings. Charlie is the typical misunderstood boy who is unable to relate with people: he is intelligent but socially incompetent, he is not even able to participate in classes to make his opinions known. He is a nerd who likes "old" music and spends his time inadvertently counting every day until finally he can leave high school. Hence, this character is the classic boy of which they mock and of which they abuse of because of his intelligence, but that at the same time is destined that one day everything will luckily change for good.In short, and as the title implies, this wallflower will change from being nobody to a beautiful flower. The young actor, characterized by an innocent profile, full of ingenuity and with a deep fear to be able to express himself and to transmit his triumphs, manages to become friend of an extravagant rebel (Ezra Miller) and its half sister (Emma Watson). The first is the typical gay character, friendly, social and smiling who never shuts up on what he thinks, and Watson is the pretty girl with academic problems who guess whom will fall in love with her...With a correct use of cinematographic qualities, the rhythm of the film is good and even engaging. The experience of the director is notorious with this work and the reality is that, although the story is bad, manages to carry with precision and details what he wanted to complete through this project. Together, these friends face a series of challenges, typical of their age, addressing their low complexity moral desires and conflicts, but come on, they're just a few young guys. Anguished, but with a lot of hope and desire to get ahead, the film reveals the reasons why Charlie is as he is, bringing to light the problems he had in relation to his childhood. Since everything seems an obsessive attempt to convince the audience with the transmitted material, the tale seems to be bent on erasing any sense of originality, since each element complies within a checklist that today's cinema insists on including: a gay athlete who does not rebuke his secret, a friendly English teacher, failed relationships, severe parents, suicide attempts, drugs, parties with the usual format, emotional problems, abuse, and the question of 'what am I going to do in my life?' You will surely feel the power of this film of Chbosky, living the drama with tears, some laughs and many smiles, which come from a highly personal and semi-autobiographical project, but this set of elements are not enough to raise the sense of a film which begins with the content of always and whose conclusion is so repeated that I would even like to erase my memory to enjoy many movies like this one here. You will say you have seen this movie before and many, many times. 55/100

Kerby H (mx) wrote: Sally Field is good. That's about it.