Izo is an assassin in the service of a Tosa lord and Imperial supporter. After killing dozens of the Shogun's men, Izo is captured and crucified. Instead of being extinguished, his rage propels him through the space-time continuum to present-day Tokyo. Here Izo transforms himself into a new, improved killing machine.

An executed samurai takes an existential journey throughout time, space and eternity in search of bloody vengeance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin J (de) wrote: Aside from the movie's association to MMA/UFC, the exploration into one's experience and unique will to achieve success is extremely intriguing.

Lanky Man P (it) wrote: This was bad. Very bad.

Lentoya G (ag) wrote: Ok. Not worth the hype

Ryan A (ru) wrote: "Stick It is a movie that is really clever and full of entertainment" The performances are very good. The directing by Jessica Bendinger is at her very best as a director. The score is so resistible. "This is a good movie!"

Connor G (es) wrote: What a labor it was to make it through this.

David A (br) wrote: (from The Watermark 04/28/96) The first big-screen venture of the HBO comedy troupe is smart, stylish, and actually quite entertaining. In this Monty Python-meets-Tarantino version of The Jerk, the story is about a pharmaceutical corporation that prematurely puts a drug on the market that is a cure for depression. Naturally, it's not ready for public consumption, and things start to go very wrong. The plot allows for each of the five actors in the troupe to play multiple characters, thus capturing the feel of their TV series. Add brilliant camera work and a hip soundtrack, and their material is brought to a higher artistic level than we've seen before. The writing is good (it's funnier than the last two seasons of the TV show), but the execution of the plot could have been more satirical and gone farther. Still, the film is great fun because there are enough smaller funny moments to carry us through. Queer Quotient: Pu-lease! Gay stuff everywhere! There's a great "tea room" running gag, and openly gay troupe member Scott Thompson (the best actor of the five) plays many queer roles including a closeted family man who sings a song called "I'm Gay" when the happy drug helps him come out. Go Scott!

PePe (nl) wrote: Funny, Comedy & Crazy

Mark D (gb) wrote: Admitedly the worst of the series, but it still has some cool death scenes and Davi is a pimp. Z'Dar however is now unrecognisable and resembles a maskless Jason Vorhees. Still Watchable.

Alex T (us) wrote: I saw this once and never wanted to again. It's the only remake of the Godzilla series since it recycles all the essential elements of the 1964 Godzilla vs. Mothra, only worse (environmental themes, corporate profiteering, miniature twin girls, the three-step Mothra metamorphosis, final battle involving two insect monsters). The third monster in the film, Battra, is my least favorite of all the Godzilla monsters. I even like Ebirah better.

Joey T (ca) wrote: I loved this movie when I was a kid! It's not as good as I remember but I still enjoyed it.

Walter M (nl) wrote: "Coup de Grace" starts with the return of Konrad(Rudiger Kirschstein) to his ancestral home in the Baltic states in the winter of 1919, after many years fighting in The Great War, with his friend Erich(Matthias Habich). This instantly invigorates the spirits of Konrad's sister Sophie(Margarethe von Trotta, who also co-wrote with Jutta Bruckner and Genevieve Dormann), who had been recovering from having been raped. Even as she is feeling better, everything else is going to hell around them as the country is in the midst of a civil war where the army is not only shooting Bolsheviks, but anybody who does not inform on them. With time possibly running out for everybody, Sophie declares her love for Erich... "Coup de Grace" is a haunting movie that could have devolved into a silly soap opera, if not for Volker Schlondorff's restrained direction. What the movie is mostly concerned with is the possibility of free will in times of war. Erich is a professional soldier who feels useless unless he has a battle to wage, as he could have just easily gone to live in Paris or Berlin. I thought at first maybe he turned down Sophie's proposal because his feelings were for Konrad instead but they do exist for Sophie. He just does not want to have to worry about her in a war zone where the lines between friend and foe are nonexistent. However, she does not need taking care of, even with supplies running out and typhus rampant, as she publicly sides with the Bolsheviks.

Cassandra M (us) wrote: This lovely Hammer Horror blending of the traditional vampire tale with martial arts stars Peter Cushing as Professor Van Helsing. The plot follows Van Helsing, who is drawn into a plot involving a legendary seven golden vampires, the prince of darkness; Dracula himself, the undead and a load of martial artists. Our hero must, along with his son and an escort of kung fu fighters travel to a cursed village somewhere in China to rid it of the vampire curse that holds it. One of the reasons why Hammer horror is so brilliant is that it isn't afraid to make a film that most other film studios would regard as stupid and then make it work. The main reason why Hammer horror does work is that the films, despite showing many macabre images, are always good natured and made with a lot of heart so they're easy to like; and this one is no different.The Eastern style makes for a very different vampire film to what we're used to, and Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires seems keen to capitalise on that as it changes many of the traditional vampire rules to suit the east (for example, the traditional cross to ward off vampires is replaced by the image of Budha). As usual with Hammer, the effects are hokey to say the least, the production values are low and everyone except Peter Cushing leaves a lot to be desired acting-wise...but without these traits, this film wouldn't be Hammer, so these things are not only forgivable, but welcome. Peter Cushing's performance in this movie isn't his best, but fans of his will still relish it. There's something about Cushing's persona that makes him very watchable, and every film with him in it is worth watching, if only for that reason. He also gets involved in some of the martial arts fights, which is nice to see. The fights themselves are very well staged, much better than I was expecting with this being a horror film with kung fu elements, rather than a full blown fight-fest.This is the fifth film I've seen by Hammer director Roy Ward Baker and although it's not the best, it's still a very solid offering from the man who was probably Hammer's finest director. This film is a lot of fun, and I don't doubt that it will delight anyone who sees it, and therefore it comes with the highest recommendations from me.

Michael T (us) wrote: A puzzle inside an enigma.

Tim S (br) wrote: I like it cause it's William Castle, but this Psycho-inspired story was ruined for me when I heard the overdub. I figured it out early, so I was just waiting for the ending.

Alex r (au) wrote: Gridiron Gang was a pleasant surprise. I did not expect to enjoy it, and at times it6 did have some so-so moments, but when you see it, you can see that the film has a driving message of hope, which is the key to the film's success. Far from great, but quite entertaining, the film is an impressive feat for The Rock who is able to deliver a good dramatic performance here. Sports film, especially football films are a bit overdone, and we all know how they'll turn out in the end. However, this is an interesting angle on the genre, and it works. Some viewers will surely enjoy it for The Rock range, and he lights up the screen. The film at times could have been a bit better and there are a few scenes that should have been reworked in order to make the film stands. Luckily there are plenty of much better scenes that give this film its power, and it is a thoroughly engaging experience for those that enjoy this genre. Although never too original, this is an interesting twist on a football film, and like I said it's got a good message, which plenty of viewers can get behind and appreciate. A fine mix of performances and a good screenplay rounds out the film to make this a film not to miss, and even for people that are skeptical about such films; Gridiron Gang has something for everyone and it is a well acted, directed film that is far better than many other films in the genre,

William M (gb) wrote: Wow is this a bad movie... Kung fu Ninjas Medieval Knights and Dolph Lundgren LOL I couldn't resist . Best part he is not surprised a portal opens and he travels through time. Yes it is so bad you may want to place it on your must see train wreck movie list.

Roxanne C (ru) wrote: Excellent movie, best I have seen in a long time. Get a box of tissues ready.