Biopic of J. Edgar Hoover told by Hoover as he recalls his career for a biography. Early in his career, Hoover fixated on Communists, anarchists and any other revolutionary taking action against the U.S. government. He slowly builds the agency's reputation, becoming the sole arbiter of who gets hired and fired. One of his hires is Clyde Tolson who is quickly promoted to Assistant Director and would be Hoover's confidant and companion for the rest of Hoover's life. Hoover's memories have him playing a greater role in the many high profile cases the FBI was involved in - the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, the arrest of bank robbers like John Dillinger - and also show him to be quite adept at manipulating the various politicians he's worked with over his career, thanks in large part to his secret files.

[en] The biography of J. Edgar Hoover is told by Hoover, as he remembers his career for a biography. Early in his career, Hoover identified communists, anarchists, and other revolutionaries with the US government. He gradually built his agency's reputation and became the only referee to be hired and fired. One of his hires was Clyde Tolson, who had been promoted to assistant superintendent and would soon be a dependable and lifelong friend of Hoover to the rest of Hoover. Hoover's memory has given him a role in high profile cases where the FBI was implicated in kidnapping Lindbergh's kidnapping. Bank robberies such as John Dillinger show that he specializes in manipulation. The politicians he works with In his career, most thanks to his secret file.

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Users reviews

Aj V (au)

An all-star cast for a boring drama, which fails to bring an interesting subject to life. This movie could have been good, I could tell, but something was holding it back, I'm not sure what, maybe it was the director?

Alan L (es)

Even though I had to watch it under suboptimal circumstances (me: tired/film: dubbed), I've seen enough to know it's a great, atmospheric film noir, and I definitely have to rewatch it in English one day.

Amy M (kr)

Just rewatched this one and it's still quite charming.

Andrew T (us)

A film that takes place on a space station in a version of the future that you might have imagined in the 1970's. Of course I'm on board. This movie could have turned out to have been so many different things, but is definitely not what I thought it was going to be. Space station 76 is a surprisingly emotional and powerful film which you would not expect from it's premise. This could have very easily been a simple parody of 70's science fiction films but instead focuses on the all too human characters that inhabit the suburban style community of the station. The cast is great, each actor perfectly cast in their role. This film was a beautiful surprise.

Anthony T (jp)

The right way to transform a board game into a feature film.

Art S (ag)

Psychodrama action! Gena Rowlands is all over the place!

Brett B (ru)

A great documentary regarding one of the Israeli-Palistinian conflicts of the 1980's that ended with two massacred refugee camps in Lebanon which was carried out by a Lebanese Christian Militia. The documentaries purpose seems to be the narrators inability to remember his participation in the war itself, probably due to repression of his memories witnessing the aftermath and the normal fog of war. There are multiple players involved and each recants what they can remember as they weave an incomplete web of the brutality of their own experiences. While not touching on the politics involved with this conflict it does tend to give a one-sided view of the war, even though I would say it is somewhat sympathetic to the opposing (Palestinian) side without having any witness interviewed.

Carl D (jp)

Very interesting concept. Again,ignore reviews,to each his own. I enjoyed it.

Deray A (au)

yonetmenligini ingmar bergman'n yaptg film. bergman yine favori oyuncular liv ullmann ve erland josephson ile alsmstr. pek coklarna gore bir basyapt. orijinali 4 bolumluk bir tv dizisi olup, sinema filmi haline getirilmek iin bir miktar ksaltlmtr.- Ama bilmen gerekir ki, benim bir duvarm var etrafma rd 1/4 1/4m. Mutlu olsam bile bunu sana anlatamam veya gsteremem.Gzlerinin iine bakabilirim ama senin derinliklerine ulaamam. Beni anlyor musun?+ Evet, anlyorum.- Ben o duvarn gerisindeyim. O duvarla kapattm kendimi, her eye. O kadar uzam ki her eye... + Nasl deiik hissettirir biliyorum. - ok deiik. Scak, neeli, hayat dolu olmak istiyorum. -zg 1/4r olmak istiyorum. R 1/4yada olmak gibi. Hareket etmek istiyorsun ama edemiyorsun.Kollarn ve bacaklarn kurun gibi arlamtr. Konumak da istersin, ama nafile. K 1/4 1/4k d 1/4 1/4r 1/4lmekten ok korkuyorum. Yerin dibine gemiim gibi oluyor. Ama o rezillii ve onunla birlikte yerin dibine batmay da kabul ettim.Beni anlyor musun?+ Evet, anlyorum.- Kendini bir d 1/4 krkl olarak grmek ne ac. Baz insanlar,iyi niyet kisvesi altnda aalayarak sana ne yapman gerektiini sylerler.Yaayan bir canly ezip geme isteiyle yaparlar bunu.+ Anlyorum... ?Cehennem, bakalardr.? Jean Paul Sartre'nin bu mehur sz 1/4 1/4zerine bina edilen bir hikaye var karmzda.

Kelli R (nl)

Saw the ending coming a mile away, but I liked it!