Jagoo tells the heart-wrenching story of a 10-year-old girl named Shruti, who must take the train to school every day. One day, while on the train, Shruti is attacked and raped by drug addicts. The entire town is absolutely stunned by this brutal act. Traumatized by her ordeal, Shruti clings to life while her parents, Srikant and Shraddha, grieve and hope for her survival. Everyone wants the perpetrators caught, but can they be found?

Shruti [child artiste Hansika Motwani] is the 10-year-old daughter of Shrikant [Sanjay Kapoor] and Shraddha [Raveena Tandon]. She travels to her school by the local train every morning. One... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trisha K (jp) wrote: that might be the worst movie i have ever seen. the kids were into it but i couldn't wait for it to be over. AWFUL!

Jeff J (ca) wrote: The story is actually pretty good. Too bad it was ruined by the worst acting of all time. The worst one being the main lead, wow... just ... just horrible. She single handedly ruined the surprise ending with her poor acting.

Young R (gb) wrote: Not a good as the show, but still funny.

Scott G (it) wrote: This looks good too!!

Grady H (au) wrote: A send up of the old school Gory monster movie, that is absolutely amazing and an utter surprise. If you like the genre, you'll truly enjoy this flick

Roman R (ru) wrote: Como una exploracion de la soledad de dos personajes que no saben adonde los llevara la vida, "Last Life in the Universe" es una fascinante cinta. Los protagonistas son Kenji, un hombre quien quiere suicidarse y Noi, una mujer quien acaba de perder a su hermana en un accidente automovilistico (por circunstancias muy diferentes Kenji tambien perdio a su hermano). La pelicula cuenta con un tono poetico y solemne que nos transporta a las mentes de la pareja y los momentos en que ellos estan solos en casa tienen una cualidad muy especial (aunque la pelicula involucra a veces elementos convencionales como la introduccion de los yakuzas). "Last Life in the Universe" es una muestra muy interesante de cine asiatico.

Brendan M (fr) wrote: Stylistically, this film is sort of the genesis for Nicolas Winding Refn's minimalist style of filmmaking which is a precursor for Valhalla Rising, and a departure from his earlier two works Pusher and Bleeder. The ending however was a little too unclear for me though to give it a higher rating, and I can understand the negative responses this film has received for the story's failure to resolve anything.

AD O (de) wrote: sweet innocent selma. almost too innocent, like a bit too martyr heroic. makes you kinda want to hit her. but even the hardened critic will end up sobbing in a puddled heap of their own soggy heartache on the floor.

Kade C (ca) wrote: Though it has significant flaws, you can't deny it brings a fitting close to the Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader story. Not the best in the trilogy, but good enough.

tony c (jp) wrote: not bad as war films go

Ian B (it) wrote: So this is where Tim Burton got all his ideas from! Mario Bava's directorial debut could go down as one of the best of all time. Credit this for bridging the gap between the traditional gothic horror film and the more graphic ones that were soon to follow. The story is incredibly basic and the first act is quite slow, but it really doesn't matter because Black Sunday is filled with some of the most gorgeous black & white cinematography ever put to film. Throw in some impressively creepy atmosphere, an extremely effective score and the wonderful screen presence of Barbra Steele (you literally can not take your eyes off this woman!) and you've got a horror classic for the ages. Highly recommended!

Jeff Z (de) wrote: Interesting train wreck thanks to the "Dream On" type use of clips and a whole bus load of stars in bits. Farrah looks just gorgeous and even though this movie is NOT very good, Raquel really does a good job.

Russell H (us) wrote: stupid but funny enough

Dax S (de) wrote: Liked this one, it was a good movie.