Vishal is a honest and diligent customs officer. He makes it known that he has never nor will ever accept any bribe. This does not auger well with various underworld dons, and even a member...

Vishal is a honest and diligent customs officer. He makes it known that he has never nor will ever accept any bribe. This does not auger well with various underworld dons, and even a member... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Supratik M (us) wrote: Chillar Party was a hilarious and moving venture. The child actors had amazing comedic timing and did a fantastic job carrying the entire movie on their shoulders. The witty dialogue provides some immensely funny and entertaining moments to the movie. Kudos to the director and script writers for coming up with something unique in Bollywood's sea of typical storylines.

Emily L (fr) wrote: Fun, but also forgettable.

Sumit B (de) wrote: "Gulaal" starring too many unknown faces like Raja Singh Chaudhary,Abhimanyu Singh, Deepak Dobriyal, Jesse Randhawa along with thebrilliant Kay Kay Menon, is unusually bold for a fictionalization basedon real events. Using the plot on pursuit of power, betrayal andhypocrisies, the movie explores those corners that have never beenattempted before. The remarkable thing about this Anurag Kashyapdirectorial is the way different layers accumulated into one soliddrama. Presenting diverse characters form John Lennon fan Piyush Mishrato a minor role of Tabu fan Mahie Gill, every character is wellrefined. Anurag Kashyap has shown the enthusiasm in each scene withexperimental cinematography like continuous use of red filters andyellow light.SPOILER ALERT:: Initiating from the college ragging, the movie takesseveral turns into various interesting issues. The scene of Ransamocking Karan after being kidnapped and Karan killing him is terrific.Also Raja Chaudhary was stunning in a particular scene giving anawkward speech. But the final scene where blinded by his love forKiran, the violent and aggressive Dilip reminds me of Travis Bicklegetting outraged in the final scene of the "Taxi driver".While each individual performance is of high standards, Kay Kay Menonshines as Dukey Bana, while Raja Chaudhary showed the innocence ofDilip very naturally. In a relatively small role, we have PiyushMishra, as the eccentric poet Prithvi Bana successfully showing hispresence. Also he gave the music for the movie which complements themovie in every way.In the end we get a dish served with various character and cooked bythe brilliant Anurag Kashyap who knows the world he's showing makingthis movie an engaging watch. A huge impact of theatre can be seen inthe movie due to Anurag Kashyap's theatre background but still it's agreat show that shouldn't be missed.

Carlos M (br) wrote: It is curious to see that they changed the names of everyone involved in the Robert Durst case when even the character's sworn statement in court is exactly the same, and this is a dark, heavy drama about how people you think you know can change - or show who they truly are.

Francisco L (ag) wrote: SCOOBY-DOO AND THE LOCH NESS MONSTER is unoriginal and very predictable, the script is organized and well-grounded, but it is a lazy project: it isn't twisted as other Scooby-Doo movies (Music of Vampire, Zombie Island, Scooby-Doo! in Where's My Mummy?, etc...), and the characters aren't interesting (just the main characters).

Jonathan P (de) wrote: Big names can't make this unfunny and contrived film worth the price of admission. Michael Clarke Duncan is the only player who seems to be trying and the story is so forced that American Crude comes off as more comedic that it is trying to be.

BellaRay (it) wrote: Looks dumb enough to make me giggle.

Nik M (gb) wrote: Moody, gloomy, and stylized with the flavours of a noir film, A Walk Among t he Tombstones lacks a certain narrative that makes it easier for audiences to follow along. Instead, we're given little details to understand or appreciate the detective work. It's simply a decent crime thriller that has a moody approach. It could have been quite exhilarating though if the characters' relationships were given a little more of a dynamic treatment.

Jeff S (gb) wrote: A stupid waste of time.

David E (ru) wrote: When it comes to David Lynch's films (the ones I've seen were "Blue Velvet" & "The Straight Story"), he has a unique vision that many may find strange, captivating, or a combination of both. "Lost Highway" is both strange & captivating; even though the story may be rather confusing at times (especially toward the ending), the acting, the visual cinematography, the music, the surreal story, & Lynch's overall direction makes this film a one of a kind treat. A second viewing of the film would make one understand it more.

Babette L (es) wrote: Crazy, iconic of the 60's. Stylish & amusing. I love the whole series of films

Brian B (de) wrote: Even with its unfortunate title, the movie is worth watching. Of course it is heavy on Sci-Fi schlock, but it is an effective creature feature. Better than a lot of its contemporaries.

Tim S (jp) wrote: The biggest misconception about "Ray Harryhausen movies" is that people are under the impression that he was the sole creative driving force behind them when all he did was the special and mechanical effects. There are very few times when a film he works on turns out to be good. 20 Million Miles to Earth falls somewhere in between and winds up just being mediocre. The story itself is pretty silly and boring for the most part, mainly because there isn't any real tension for the characters other than the fact that there is a monster on a rampage. In other words, a lack of drama. Actually this movie reeks of King Kong, without being quite as good. There's some excellent camera work and some very good stop motion (as per usual), but the boring story doesn't save it. See it to see Harryhausen's work on display, which goes back to my original point about why people remember these films. His work is the most impressive thing about them.

(ca) wrote: Jonathan Brown pretty much made this flick unwatchable for me. This story could certainly been turned into a cool movie but unfortunately felt like American Pie 12 meets some rich kid who financed his own movie to star in it