A taxi-driver must unravel the mystery surrounding the woman he loves.

A taxi-driver must unravel the mystery surrounding the woman he loves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse O (nl) wrote: This isn't as bad as I was expecting and it certainly works thanks to Milan's and Matthias' chemistry. Unfortunately, while the film does have a decent, but cheesy, story about Henri realizing that love isn't a bad thing or something that only happens in fairy tales, it is still a fairly predictable and safe attempt at this story. Much like What A Man, another film by Matthias Schweighofer, it works because of due to Matthias' likability, even when his character is a person who, essentially, breaks up couples. Milan Peschel is also likable, but his character was designed to be that way and to give Matthias something weird and crazy to play off of. The film also doubles as a bromance and while it is a little goofy and over-the-top, the leads' chemistry is obvious and it makes the film a little better to watch. I don't really have much to say, this is a German romantic comedy that doesn't really offer anything different than what we're used to in this side of the world, but the final product is decent at best. It has its moments, but it's far too predictable and sugary for my tastes. It's an easy film to watch though, it doesn't require much brainpower to understand what's going on. So if that's what you're looking for, then this is a great film for you. I'm looking for a little more out of the romantic comedies I watch though, so this is just an average movie at best.

Mary P (kr) wrote: One of my favorite movies. The score was especially appealing.

shane o (us) wrote: very good and enjoyable movie

Marilee A (ca) wrote: Sadism Horror, exactly the kind of Mindless Horror I Don't like.Performing Senseless Surgeries for no reason, it wasn't even well done or believable, unlike the Saw Movies.Must've called it Bane for being the Bane of their existence,& ours, it was Baneful to Watch, I had to delete before it was even over, I can't handle drilling into eyes.

Ricardo H (ca) wrote: TOO SLOW, BORING...even if the script had the best of intentions and the acting wasn't bad. Nolte plays his usual overbearing character role (how he managed to give the performance he did in The Prince of Tides is still an unknown to me). The movie had all the right clichs, the balance of drama and humor, and everything else required for the formula. It just didn't do anything for me. I struggled to get to the end of the movie.Don't recommend it unless you have nothing else to watch

Ilyas Y (es) wrote: The communist pressure in Bulgaria around 1989 on Turks living in Bulgaria. Not as effective as 'Belene Kampi' but still shows the effects of that stupid government's pressure on innocent Turks' lives in Bulgaria.

Robyn B (fr) wrote: It will make you think about what you eat.

Jennifer B (ag) wrote: Apart from ther Art Neauveau, which I love, I can't say I enjoyed this movie much

Julian T (es) wrote: Without a doubt one of the worst collections of acting talent I have ever seen. Unbelivable horrificness. I was praying for every single one of these deuchebags to be butchered 5 minutes into the film. Boring, uninventive, unimaginative wanna be rip off of 'Urban Legend' and every other cheap slasher ever made. Intelligence insulting 'twist ending' that I saw coming 20 minutes into the movie. Total waste. Is it too much to ask that next time the entire cast actually be killed?

Lisa S (kr) wrote: Very good, no dramatic music!! Confusing storyline though.

Insomniac Z (ag) wrote: Sooo...yeah. I've been on a bad 80's movie kick lately. I wouldn't call this movie bad, just lifeless. Sure, Peter Wellers' robo-tastic voice could put you to sleep with its monotone droning, but at least I was awake and chuckling at 60+ minutes of unraveling man vs. rat action.Cult classic? Not quite. Just a forgotten, forgettable odd flick.