Jab Harry met Sejal

Jab Harry met Sejal

After a month-long tour of Europe, Sejal is just about to board her flight to India, when she realises that her engagement ring is lost. In quest of the object, she hires the same tour-guide Harry and together they set off visiting the exact same spots that she and her family visited—in the hope of finding the heirloom. Of course the journey proves to be much more…

The story revolves around Harry and Sejal's journey across Europe. A search for Sejal's engagement ring makes Harry understand love and relationships better. Sejal experiences new found ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sedeanimu (de) wrote: Great in all aspects

Fiona M S (it) wrote: Not worth the rental charge

JeanFrancois V (gb) wrote: "Islam: What the West Needs to Know" presents itself as a wake-up call to all Westerners who have been duped by the prevalent view of Islam spread by the media, academia and government officials, arguing instead that Islam is an inherently political, hegemonic, expansionistic and violent religion, and that it is the jihadists who have the true understanding of its tenets, while peaceful muslims, whom westerners believe to be the true spokespersons of Islam, are either ignorant or willfully heterodox. Divided into six well-defined parts, the film consists of contributions by five authorities on Islam (Robert Spencer, Bat Ye'or, Walid Shoebat, Abdullah al-Araby and Serge Trifkovic), screens showing extracts from three major sources on muslim orthodoxy (the Qur'an, the 8th century "Life of Muhammad" by Muhammad bin Ishaq and the Hadith of Sahih Al-Bukhari, whose authority is second only to that of the Qur'an.) Also included are excerpts from Jihad training videos, muslim TV shows, speeches delivered by muslim religious figures, maps of muslim expansion over the centuries and current hotspots, and extracts from interviews of Tony Blair, Condoleeza Rice, George Bush and other statesmen and women who illustrate the consensus view. The five individuals whose testimonies and arguments are presented all have published books on Islam. One of them, Walid Shoebat, is a former PLO member who converted to Christianity after doing his bit for the Jihad by trying to blow up a few Jews in the Holy Land. One point that particularly interested me in the film was its explanation of how muslim exegesis works. The Muslims' God (unlike, for instance, the Christian God, who is not the same Person(s), contrary to what the PC view claims) can change his mind, which means that an earlier revelation gets superseded by a later one, something known as "abrogation." So when any defender of Islam quotes pacific-sounding verses from the Qur'an, he ought to be able to show that they are "God"'s last word on the subject. But the pacific statements are all from the earlier period of Muhammad's life (the one he spent in Mecca), while the bellicose ones are from the later period (the one spent in Medina.) Also very interesting was the fact that Muhammad's life has normative value for all Muslims, given that he personally did such things as beheading hundreds of Jews, stoning adulterers or consummating a "marriage" with a nine-year old girl, Aisha. As someone who has watched quite a few mainstream documentaries on Islam, I can say that "Islam: What the West Needs to Know" is a real eye-opener, and I am sorry to see that seven out of the nine "reviewers" on this site have been so thoroughly indoctrinated by the consensus view that they have been able to dismiss the film's conclusions without even listening to its arguments.

Pavan R (au) wrote: An entertaining thriller which an be looked upon with a dark sense of humour too !

Peter F (ru) wrote: A little late to the spoof table, Spaceballs still carries on as an amusing (albeit underwhelming) parody film. Just make sure you never come across the godawful cartoon it spawned *shudder*

Brandon T (kr) wrote: I really like Neil Simon's writing. I've never seen the play that this film is adapted from (or any of the trilogy) but I found this film to be very entertaining, very touching, and funny. However, there were moments that hit a little too close to home in this film, but I think that shows the genius of Simon's writing in creating a very normal family, quirks and all.I watched this film for free on Hulu, and I'd recommend that you go check it out too! You can't beat free!

CJ F (gb) wrote: The movie was difficult to follow. The conclusion, quite honestly, was lackluster and unclear. The cast was fairly good, however, and the movie was, at times, entertaining. Pocket Money's plot had a lot more potential than as was shown on film. I would skip it, unless you are a Paul Newman buff or simply want to better understand his legacy.

Anthony S (br) wrote: A weird kind of movie it's got both the older feel of the western and new feel of the seventies with evil but likeable characters and lots of nudity. Henry Fonda and Kirk Douglas are fun to watch. Douglas plays the bad guy with perfection.

Paul D (gb) wrote: While as a costume drama it excels in that department, it is by no means one of the better 'camelot' films around. The acting is a little stiff and the plot drawn out too much.

Tanner B (es) wrote: The Gold Rush (1925) ????Hands down, funniest film ever made. Brilliant comedy about Chaplin surviving out in freezing Klondike to search for gold but finds trouble. Chaplin's best only improves on each viewing and is among the great classics of the silent era (my personal favorite). I love that scene where the cabin's tipping over the cliff! 100% perfection.