A medieval tale with Pythonesque humour: After the death of his father the young Dennis Cooper goes to town where he has to pass several adventures. The town and the whole kingdom is threatened by a terrible monster called 'Jabberwocky'. Will Dennis make his fortune? Is anyone brave enough to defeat the monster?

A young peasant, with no interest in adventure or fortune, is mistaken as the kingdom's only hope when a horrible monster threatens the countryside. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jabberwocky torrent reviews

Kevin P (it) wrote: John Kransinski's brengt weinig vernieuwend voort in zijn regiedebuut, dat degelijk aanvoelt als je standaard disfunctionele familiedrama waarin de problemen magisch oplossen in de laatste akte. Het is dankzij kleine interacties tussen Margo Martindale en andere acteurs dat het verhaal enige ademruimte weet te vinden, en best makkelijk weg te kijken valt.

Aaron C (jp) wrote: A tale about youthful choices, mistakes, and determination. not your standard moral tale but pretty well-acted and directed. the ending leaves a bewildering taste though.

Serge L (nl) wrote: Very good effort with a story based on a master treatise. Iranians live in an artificially prude world that actually protects them from the idiotic-ness of western world make efforts to go idiotic. Desire here seems superficial although love is everywhere. The story is very well balanced and i felt surprised to root for everybody in the film. May god be great. Maybe god is great. The outcome is not obvious or formulaic, but it does ring true.

David H (de) wrote: Exquisite! With one of the finest canine performances ever on screen. I love you Agustina!

Clark C (ag) wrote: PUFF, PUFF PASS MO'FO!

Paul S (ag) wrote: Very eerie all they way through and made me jump a few times. I would recommend watching this.

Nate T (mx) wrote: Amusing fluff that doesn't amount to much. Worth viewing once though. On Blu-ray.

Craig K (it) wrote: As a Transplant from Chicago to Iowa..I find this film to be very relevant and spot on to some extent.. I understand what its message was while also getting a laugh out of it -I saw many people who acted like the characters in this film in high school here...This is a great film and accurate portrayal of how the media and pop culture can influence its rural audience (specifically the youth in this case.) This film also has somewhat of a cult following in Iowa...it has some things that only someone who has lived in Iowa would spot: Eating at a (crappy)restuarant present at every mall in Iowa-Diamond daves. Kids working at Apac- a now dufunct telemarketing firm that every high school kid worked at in the 90s, and the scenes shot at the ped mall in Iowa city, specifically the field house...so props to who ever made this movie..they definitely paid attention to the details...unfortunately only an iowan would get it tho i think.

Paul M (es) wrote: the last 20 mins really captivated me, I was bored the whole time

Bonsai F (it) wrote: now, for the book...

Vincent W (gb) wrote: watched because i was curious what whoopi could do in terms of acting. There was maybe 1-2 good lines and the rest was just a pain to sit through. Don't watch.

Felipe F (jp) wrote: Emphasizing on the comedic side, the Last Crusade is a light final chapter of the epic trilogy that welcomes Sean Connery as the father of our hero.

Matthew C (us) wrote: Notable for its look at the art/exhibition of film through the eyes of one young boy from the sticks of Italy, this coming of age story shows how that love ultimately leads to his attainment of a better life. It's a fun and relatable story for anyone who grew up loving -- and continues to love -- movies, and recognizes film's influence on their lives. While visually beautiful and chock full of fascinating social commentary, the film doesn't completely gel for me tonally. Like fellow Italian, Sergio Leone often tries, director, Giuseppe Tornatore seems hell-bent on fusing overly goofy imagery, slapstick, and potty humor with often dire, depressing content or overly-saccharine schmaltz. Roberto Benigni seems to be the only Italian that can make this type of mixture work (see Life is Beautiful). All kidding aside, there have been plenty of films that can accomplish this to great effect, but this just isn't one of them. Maybe there's something I'm losing in translation, but I either can't take the film's emotional scenes seriously or I can't laugh at its humor in light of its awful implications for the characters, or can't give props for a joke because it follows a manipulative moment of sappiness. Also off-putting is the film's use of completely ADR'd (dubbed) dialogue. No, I don't mean a re-dub in English. I viewed a subtitled copy. I'm referring to what appears to be a soundtrack made up exclusively of post-produced audio. Perhaps this was due to a technical limitation of Italian cinema at the time (only 1980s?), or (more than likely) is in keeping with Italian production techniques. Whatever it is, the dialogue comes across very goofy, stilted, and even completely out of synch at times. In many cases it even seems as if actors have been completely replaced on the film's soundtrack. Am I nitpicking? Maybe. But this is very distracting -- adding slight comedy where it doesn't belong. Visually, this is a well-directed/photographed film. The story itself is often cute, funny, heartwarming, and deep. Not to mention, it's also extremely nostalgic. [I also enjoy the transitions between child and grown-up Salvatore's life.] But, for me, these feelings and tones don't gel very well at all. It's as if Bugs Bunny directed all of the depressing scenes, Michael Bay directed the schmaltzy ones, and David Lynch directed the comedic moments. No, directed by David Cronenberg! ...or Ingmar Bergman. I dunno. Someone depressing.

Aaron H (de) wrote: No kidding: worst.film.ever. (or at least somewhere in the top 10 list). A total knock-off of Indiana Jones, only produced with cheaper, predictable "thrills".

Ahmed M (ca) wrote: It may be liked by a lot of people, but in my opinion, it's not that hilarious and you can skip this movie.

Maks N (kr) wrote: After Ice Age, the best Blu Skies animation.

Stewart F (de) wrote: Very poor, elongated episode of CSI, but not as well written, directed or produced. Very mediocre plot, with no explanation what was going on or why, and with extraneous baddies of whom we have no idea how they fit in to the story. The sound quality made understanding the actors difficult, especially the inexplicably popular Sam Worthington who mumbles his way through the movie. He really is a Woodentop!

Trouble B (mx) wrote: Jesus fucking christ I don't care how good the acting or dialogue is if I'm bored to tears for the entire duration of the film