Jack and His Friends

Jack and His Friends

Jack is a middle aged, overweight shoe store owner with a secure upper middle class lifestyle, including a beautiful, demanding trophy wife. When Jack "runs into" Rosie and Louie, small time criminals on the run from the law, they kidnap Jack in order to use his off-season, deserted vacation house as a temporary hideout. A thoroughly bizarre and surprising weekend unfolds, full of revelations and reassessments.

Jack is a middle aged, overweight shoe store owner with a secure upper middle class lifestyle, including a beautiful, demanding trophy wife. When Jack "runs into" Rosie and Louie, small ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike A (ru) wrote: awesome love top gear ;-)

Jennifer H (fr) wrote: Surreal visuals with stately music. Great to see an experimental film from such a master. There are no compromise made to the complexity of the plot, and yet, different directions (self-reflection, language, second chance, romance, and ego) still manage to refer back to the main theme - time. As mentioned, surreal and stately. One of the few movies that lets the viewer think for themselves - rather than telling you where to sit and when to dance.

Doron Z (es) wrote: A dramatic movie which is played well. I felt sorry for the young man whose mother abuses him, and for the mother who is pathetic and bitter.

Said C (au) wrote: good, i just didn't really care too much for how everybody was on his coat tails. i used to look at on Bobby Jones shows on tv when i was younger. pretty cool to see a movie about his life and some of the other golfers.

Sarah B (fr) wrote: I can't believe this film is on here! Fair play.

Brigitta B (de) wrote: the copy I saw had horrendious cut. And it was kind of lame for a realism film even if I consider all this takes place iin Romania ... or maybe especially because of that having come from Central Europe myself... ouch.

Shane D (ag) wrote: The last of the Pryor/Wilder films and quite honestly they are a forgotten comedy team. This effort however doesn't really do much to prove that. Pryor is clearly looking like a much frailer version of himself and its actually Wilder who does the bulk of the heavy lifting here. If anything, its a shame that this was one of his last cinematic efforts as he is genuinely likeable on screen. All in all its nothing spectacular, but it does have me intrigued to go back and watch Silver Streak which I've never seen.

Robert H (fr) wrote: This film mixes so many sub genres together to create what ends up being a pretty decent movie. While being called Zombie Holocaust, it isn't really about zombies though there are some "creatures" that are zombiesque. It's also a mad scientist film of sorts aka Dr. Butcher, MD but this is also pretty minute. No this is primarily a cannibal film with tons of cannibal action.The gore is of the bright red variety and while there are some good realistic moments of gore using real organs and such, most of the blood is candy apple red. While I enjoy the gratuitous amounts of the red stuff, it's too bad it isn't more realistic.

Mark B (mx) wrote: We need Harry Callahan more than ever!

Paul J (gb) wrote: What a beautiful and surreal film. It has the imagery of a Bunuel film and the pacing of a Godard picture - it moves at a remarkable pace. The film is erotic, gorgeous and extremely creepy. Certain images are terrifically haunting. Don't expect everything to make sense. It has the logic of a dream. At its heart, it's a coming of age story about losing virginity or innocence. Major points for originality. The images manage to tap right into our dreams and nightmares. A major Czech cult classic deserving of its strange reputation.

Marissa D (it) wrote: Love it! Anytime I hear the song "Scott doesn't know", i have to watch it!

bill s (mx) wrote: A decent lighthearted thriller that I wish was better as Hitchcok's finale.....pretty good but far far from great.