Jack and Jill vs. the World

Jack and Jill vs. the World

Jack and Jill's Manifesto of Rules to Live By Rule 1 Be honest Rule 2 Believe in fairy tales Rule 3 Accept time as our friend Rule 4 Make sure the nooky is good Rule 5 Promote beauty. Wage a sustained campaign against ugliness Rule 6 Abandon the pursuit of happiness and its false promise Rule 7 Show compassion, except to pirates Rule 8 Less TV Rule 9 Always be willing to admit when you're wrong

Jack is a NYC advertising exec with a life as glossy as the ads he spins. Jill is new to the city, with nothing to stand on but her fiery personality and romantic ideals. Opposites attract, and together they author their own manifesto of "rules to live by." But Jill betrays Jack by violating rule one - Be Honest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jack and Jill vs. the World torrent reviews

Philip E (ag) wrote: Loved the action in this movie

Nacho V (br) wrote: Un debut de direccin excelente para Diego Luna.. la forma en la que escribio la pelicula de manera visual/cinematica es madura y convincente, la historia un poco tosca y a la fuerza... pero el ver ese "body language" del film en s..fue bastante refrescante.. yeah, si la recomiendo

Jacob D (au) wrote: If you're a pj fan or just enjoy their music at all, you should see this movie

Vilia C (de) wrote: It's hard to follow & I just lost the plot...

Corey M (mx) wrote: A keep-the-kids-distracted flick that relies too much on potty humor and innuendo.

Alex F (us) wrote: Good acting. Difficult and disturbing film to watch. Certainly not for everyone

Kylie H (it) wrote: UGH! I hate Steve Martin.

David G (jp) wrote: US Marshal Wesley Snipes takes on skydiving criminal mastermind Gary Busey (!) in this high octane - and dopey as hell - 90's actioner. The plot is straight out of a textbook and not even worth going into but what were you expecting from a 1994 Wesley Snipes flick called Drop Zone? This was always going to be over the top skydiving action porn and it doesn't let you down with impressive aerial stunt work, shoddy special effects and laughable implausibilities coming together to make a super silly but entertaining whole. The movie also scores points for its characters - Busey's villain (naturally Busey plays him as though he's got a screw loose), Michael Jeter's jittery hacker, Yancy Butler's tough skydiving instructor and her quirky crew... Snipes pretty much phones it in as your standard hero but for all his blandness he does get an award winning WTF moment where he punches Yancy Butler in the face (!!). Overall a fun, if average no-brainer.

Sam B (es) wrote: This movie has so many opportunities to be great but wastes them all. I wish Nicholson could have been bothered to lose some weight before he did this so he'd at least look like Gittes again because he certainly doesn't act like him. I don't know how someone could watch this and not see the twist coming in the end that Kitty is Katherine. The film manages to be slow, confusing and sloppy usually all at the same time. All of the things that I'd hope would be important like WWII, oil or the second Jake are all inconsequential, all just leading to a dumb retreading of the plot of the first film. I'd say this is probably my least favorite Nicholson directed movie.

Andy D (us) wrote: 2 stars and that was at a push. Disappointing to say the least.