Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk

Golden Films - Jack and the Beanstalk

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Jack and the Beanstalk torrent reviews

Martin W (ca) wrote: Unrated film. It's a cool period piece, good character study, surprisingly good acting. Cool cameos. I have no idea if there is any basis is fact in this story based around Howard Hughe's craziness.I recommend the film.

Alex R (ru) wrote: Did you know the dad from My Wife and Kids directed this shit

Jonathan P (it) wrote: For fans of the movie Troll 2 this documentary is a must watch but for the purpose of discovering how and why bad movies are made and what attracts people to them it offers little insight. Being from Utah and seeing where Troll 2 (one of a slew of movies considered the worst of all-time) was filmed and where local actors are know was interesting.

Asep G (mx) wrote: you know that you can change the others' future, teacher!so - just take a chance,and see - the world is brighter... :Dso - give a space for you,to proud of yourself,appreciate it,while the others' may don't...

Hayden H (kr) wrote: not my fav but still holds up

Loren R (de) wrote: Ein mittelmssiger Action Streifen mit einem arroganten Vin Diesel! Sicherlich ist der angehauchte Agentenfilm sehr selbstironisch, verspricht dabei aber nichts Neues. Die Action- und Stuntszenen sind schn anzuschauen, aber die Dialoge kann man nicht ernst nehmen. Am Besten ist Samuel L. Jackson: Mit seinem Narbengesicht versprht er eine Leinwandprsenz am meisten. Obwohl er nicht so viele Auftritte, in diesem Film hat!

Donny S (ag) wrote: See it to see Eduardo Noriega naked. No other reason really.

Brandon S (es) wrote: I can hardly think of tale this well-told that is also this hopeless and cynical. Wow. What a tragedy of a viewing experience. The only finer point of the film is the tight and focused direction from James Wan.

Conor M (kr) wrote: pretty fun and all, but kinda dumb at times

Scott C (jp) wrote: There are some really tense battle scenes here, but the British Imperialism thing is quite uncomfortable.

Alexis C (es) wrote: I just love the 80's movies!