Jack Falls

Former undercover police officer Jack Adleth returns to London seeking those who tried to have him killed in Amsterdam.

Former undercover police officer Jack Adleth returns to London seeking those who tried to have him killed in Amsterdam

Jack Falls is the best new movie of Paul Tanter. The released year of this movie is 2011. There are many actors in this movie torrents, for example Tamer Hassan, Simon Phillips, Olivia Hallinan, Alan Ford, Dexter Fletcher, Adam Deacon, Jason Flemyng, Neil Maskell, Doug Bradley, Zach Galligan, Peter Barrett, Annie Cooper, Jing Lusi, Sebastian Street, Rita Ramnani. Movie' genres are Crime. This movie was rated by 4.2 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie torrents. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends

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Users reviews

Abdulmalik A (ru)

this "Night" is one you'll quickly forget

Forrest A (ag)

not what was expected, but erm good

Heather C (us)

Weird but good film

Jesse F (de)

Jennifer Love Hewitt's "scream" sends chills down my spine every time

Lyndon P (kr)

trong performances from both the lead protagonist and antagonist combined with the realistic and bloody violence will keep you on the edge of your seat with tense shoulders as Tommy Nix mashes up a young offenders institution with all kinds of fuckery, ya heard?. In the mood for some gritty British hooligan action bruv? Then watch Offender, innit? A predictable, derivative, and even cliche plot did not stop me from thoroughly enjoying this violent revenge drama about a young man who decides to go vigilante on a gang that assaulted his girlfriend

Mark N (au)

Throw in Dourif and Taylor Vince and a sure-fire miss becomes oddly watchable despite a routine and obvious plot. Lee and Glover totally save a terrible plot with some fine performances that the script does not deserve at all. The words Weekend & Bernie's spring to mind but with a female Bernie

matheus c (br)

This erotic, bad-acted, bad-scripted flick deserves both the title of one of the worst movies ever made and its current cult status

Philip S (es)

An enjoyable time-killer if you're in that mood. Steve Carell is also surprisingly effective as the new boyfriend with just the wrong amount of charm. The jewel of the film is Rockwell as the bad influence with a heart. Not much new under this sun, but it hits some nice notes. One of those "lazy summer, coming of age" films

Renee W (de)

I honestly found this movie very amusing and very hard to stop watching it. On the other hand, this movie does have a bit of bad acting and also can make you cringe as well. This movie can teach you a lot about what NOT to do in journalism. If you in a journalism class or you are trying to pursue the journalism career I recommend this movie for you

Robby S (au)

A must watch for any fans of Romero, or those who want to check out a solid movie. The most underrated of all George Romero films, and one of the best